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“Come here Courtney, you’re soaked. You need a diaper change little baby,” says a woman to her daughter.
“But, mom I don’t wear…”
 A small ten year old brunette looks down to see a wet diaper sagging between her legs.
The 35 year old woman, who appeared to be her mother, picks up the girl, who now appeared to be but 2 years old, and carries her over to what looks like an oversized changing table.
   “Time for a new diapee little Courtney. Lets get you up here,” says the woman.
The girl tries to talk but all that comes out is a cry, she cries, cries and cries until…

“Courtney, what’s wrong! You were crying in your sleep and we had to wake you up by pouring water on you.”
“What, oh um I had a bad dream I guess. I’m fine,” replied the ten year old brunette.

Courtney Larson was confused. What had just happened? She had never even thought of someone as old and mature as she to be wearing a diaper and acting like a baby. The embarrassing part for Courtney though, was that she was sleeping over her friend’s house with two other girls. All four girls were in 5th grade and had just started puberty, so having nightmares like that, and waking up crying was not acceptable!

Brittany O’Brien was Courtney’s best friend. They had known eachother since kindergarden and have been best friends since then. The O’Brien’s treated Courtney like family, and she was always welcome at their house, to a point where it seemed like they were at one or the others houses at all times.

“Girls, come up for breakfast! We’re having pancakes,” yelled Mrs. O’Brien from upstairs. The girls had slept, if you could call it that, downstairs in the finished basement at the O’Briens.

Courtney got up and looked around. She got her short and athletic little body out of her soccer sleeping bag, and waited for the rest of her friend to get up. Courtney had a pretty good life. Although her parents divorced when she was 4, she lived in an upper class house with her mother and 7 year old sister Alyssa, right around the corner from the O’Briens.

“You guys coming or what,” commanded Brittany from the bottom of the stairs ready to head up.

Brttany also led a good life for 10 year old girl. She lived with both her parents, her older brother Michael, who was 13, and her little brother Bradley, who was a surprise to her parents. Brad was almost 2 years old, born two Halloweens ago, but was a real big boy. Brittany was decent size as well, but wasn’t real tall or chubby. Both her and Courtney played on the town basketball and soccer teams, and liked to compete in anything they could.

Brittany was able to get Courtney and their other friends Monica and Leslie up for breakfast, but Courtney still looked puzzled. “What did that dream mean? Why was I wearing a diaper? What would a diaper feel like?” she questioned to herself right as she passed Bradley’s room on the main floor, looking right at the stack of diapers on his dresser.