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“Mommy, I’ll wear one if you really want me to,” Courtney replied to her mother.

Her mother was somewhat surprised with her answer, but not shocked. “Well, honey, I’m not going to force you to do anything if you really don’t want to,” she replied, “but if you really don’t mind…”

   “Oh, no mommy,” Courtney blurted out, probably sounding too excited, “I mean, I think it would be a good idea, but I really don’t want anyone to see. They’ll think I’m a baby.”
   “Trust me honey, if anyone sees what you’re wearing, my case would go down the drain, so I’ll make sure no one does. Let me go try to talk to your sister.”

   “Are you gonna make her wear one?” Courtney asked kind of wanting to see her sister wearing a diaper as well.

   “Of course not, honey. I didn’t make you wear one did I?” her mother replied, “If she has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the trial it’s her problem.”

   Mrs. Larson headed up the stairs, getting everything she wanted out of the conversation with her daughters. She told Alyssa that she didn’t have to wear the diaper if she didn’t want to but if she had to go to the bathroom she couldn’t complain. She also told her that she had been such a big girl throughout the whole thing, and she still loved her no matter what. Alyssa, who had been bawling her eyes out a few moments before, was immediately peppy again and went downstairs to call Coryn.

   After about an hour, the phone rang at the Larsen house. It was Mrs. O’Brien from her cell phone, who seemed very upset.

   “Rebecca,” she said anxiously, “we have a bit of an emergency here and I need you to take Britt and Brad for a little while.”

   “No problem,” Mrs. Larsen replied, nervous for her friend, “I’d do anything for you guys. What’s wrong? Is it bad?”

   “Well, Mike was pitching for his AAU team over at Veterans, and he took a line drive off the head. We don’t think it’s that bad, but he’s being ambulanced over to St. Vincent right now. Jack went with him, and I need to meet them there.”

   “Oh my God! That’s awful. Bring them over right away, it’s really no problem. I really hope he’s okay, and if you need me to do anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.”

   “Thanks so much, you’re a savior. I’ll be right there.”

   “No problem, and again, we’ll be praying,” Mrs. Larson said as she hung up, “Girls, I need to talk to you about something.”

   Three girls (Coryn had come over) came running up the stairs, eager to her what Mrs. Larson had to tell them.

   “Okay, this may be a bit traumatic for you guys, but Mike had a bit of an accident at his baseball game today, and he had to go to the hospital,” she said sincerely. The Larson’s and the O’Brien’s knew each other so well that both girls knew who Mike was without needing a last name. “Mrs. O’Brien is bringing Brittany and Bradley over in a couple of minutes, so she can go to see Michael. Brittany may be a bit anxious right now so be nice to her.”

   Although what had happened to Brittany’s brother was scary, the girls were all happy that not only was Brittany coming over, but Brad was as well.

   “Okay,” Courtney responded, “We’ll be nice to her, even though I don’t really think Brittany will be bothered that much.”

   “I know,” replied her mother, “but I don’t know how bad it was, or if she was watching. It could have been really bad. Just, make sure she is herself.”

   Mrs. Larson knew that Brittany was usually peppy and talkative no matter what trauma was in her life, but she knew that this accident could have her very fragile. The girls went downstairs, and a couple minutes later the doorbell rang.

   “Here’s his diaper bag,” Mrs. O’Brien said anxiously letting Brittany go downstairs to find the girls, and Bradley walk around the living room, “he napped this morning so he should be fine for a while. I should be back pretty soon, but if you want to feed him he likes macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. Thanks so much, again for this.”

   “It’s really no problem. I’d do it anytime.”

   As she made her way downstairs Brittany caught sight of the 3 pampers cruisers that were sitting on the coffee table. Knowing they weren’t her brother’s she wondered why they could have been there. Her mother saw them there too and also wondered why they were there. She could have left them there the last time they were over, but why would they just be sitting on the coffee table like that? She didn’t think either girl was a bed wetter, considering both had slept over their house a number of times. Both O’Brien’s dismissed the mystery after a couple of minutes and went their separate ways.

   Brittany got downstairs only to find Alyssa was alone wandering all over the room looking for something.

   “Where’s you’re sister, ‘Lis?” Brittany asked.

   “Oh, you’re here,” Alyssa responded to her sister’s friend, “We’re playing hide and seek, wanna help me find them.”

   “Sure,” Brittany responded, realizing that her being there put Courtney out of her misery of having to play with her sister.

   After searching a few closets, the girls were able to find Coryn hiding in the bathroom closet, and Courtney hiding behind the television. Courtney was very happy to see her friend.

   “Thank god you’re here,” she said as they headed up stairs to Courtney’s room, “I really didn’t want to be stuck playing any more games with them. Now your brother can keep them busy.”

   “Yeah, I don’t blame you,” Brittany replied.

   “Oh, by the way, I’m sorry about your brother,” Courtney said sincerely.

   “Oh, he’ll be okay. He’ll just be in a bad mood because he’s probably not going to be able to play baseball for a while,”

   The girls spent the next two hours in Courtney’s room “IM”ing their friends and jamming to music on Courtney’s iTunes. After being called down for a casual macaroni and cheese dinner, Mrs. O’Brien returned to pick her kids up, and let the Larsen’s prepare for their busy day tomorrow.