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Courtney Larson awakened Sunday morning as her alarm clock exploded with the new Avril Lavigne song. She pressed the snooze button on the clock that read 9:00, to get 10 more minutes of rest, and by the end of that extra time Alyssa had entered her bedroom, and went over to jump on her sister.

“Time to get up, sleepy head. We’ve gotta go in a half an hour,” the younger girl demanded.

Courtney remembered what she was in store for today. Not only was she going to wear a diaper, but she was going to where one in public and have her mother know. For the first time she wondered whether her mother had any idea about her love of diapers. It did seem kind of weird to her that out of nowhere her mother was allowing her to wear a diaper, in what seemed like a somewhat unnecessary situation.

She also wondered what she would do if she actually had to use the bathroom during the hearing. Did her mother expect her to use the diaper, or did her mother think it was only there in an emergency situation, and she would use the bathrooms during the breaks.

Courtney got rid of Alyssa and rose out of bed. Knowing that she was going to have to change into a different type of underwear before leaving, she headed downstairs in just her pajamas. Alyssa sat at the kitchen counter with a plate of waffles, and the girls’ mother stood at the oven cooking pancakes for Courtney.

“Good morning honey, we’ve gotta go soon, so I’m making you pancakes now. I figured you wouldn’t mind,” Mrs. Larson told her daughter.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Courtney replied in a cranky mood, “How’s Mike doing?”

Mrs. Larson placed the pancakes and syrup in front of her daughter and responded, “Oh, I talked to Mrs. O’Brien this morning. He has a severe concussion and will probably have to stay in the hospital for a couple of nights. He is able to talk and stuff, but he’s getting dizzy and nauseous still. He probably won’t be able to play baseball again until next summer, if not even later.”

“Oh, that sucks,” Courtney responded.

“Hey, watch your language,” her mother snapped.

“Sorry, but it really does. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t play sports for a year.”

“He’ll deal with it. You know Mike, he’s a tough kid, now eat up,” Mrs. Larson replied.

Courtney finished her pancakes quickly, and headed over to the couch to flip on some television. After watching about 5 minutes of an episode of Fairly Oddparents, her sister entered the room, followed a couple minutes later by her mother carrying one of the pampers cruisers diapers.

“Can you put it on yourself,” she asked, “or do you need some help?”

“Wait, you’re really gonna wear one?” Alyssa asked her sister.

“Yeah, if I have to pee, I don’t wanna have to hold it until I can go to the bathroom. This way, I can just go if I really have to.” Courtney responded. “And, I think I can do it myself, mom, thanks.”

“Okay, go change now; we have to go in 10 minutes,”

Mrs. Larson handed her daughter the diaper and Courtney ran upstairs to get changed. She went into her room and tossed the diaper onto the bed. She then stripped down to just her tank top, and lay down on the bed. The purple diaper had a picture of Ernie on the front strip and Courtney slid it under her butt, and pulled the up the front. Stretching the sides just a little more than they should be stretched, she was able to get a very good fit. She found the pair of nice, but baggy black pants and a nice new blouse and got herself dressed; making sure the diaper was not visible. After brushing her teeth, she headed downstairs to have her mother do her hair.

“You can’t see the…you know what, right mom?” she asked right after her mom was finished.

“No, I wouldn’t be able to tell if I didn’t know you were. And anyways, who is going to be expecting a girl your age to be wearing a diaper,” her mother replied, “Now get in the car, your sister is waiting.”

Within 5 minutes the Larson’s Dodge Caravan had exited their house and was on their way to the nearest courtroom. Upon arrival, Mrs. Larson met with her lawyer about last minute strategies in the case, and the girls went to say hi to their father. Courtney made sure that when he hugged her, he didn’t touch her bottom because she didn’t want him to know what she was wearing. After Mrs. Larson and her lawyer were done talking, the girls got situated in the courtroom, and were ready for the trial to begin.

After the trial had been going on for about an hour, Courtney sat there, listening to one of her father’s co-workers say how good of a person he was, and began to feel the urge to go to the bathroom. She whispered to her mother who was sitting right next to her, “Mommy, how long ‘til the break,”

“Well,” her mother whispered back, “They have another case coming in after ours so they want to make it quick. There isn’t going to be an intermission, but it will be another 2-3 hours before it’s done. Why? Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

“No, well kinda, but I should be able to hold it,” she replied. She went back to daydreaming while more witnesses took the stand, and after a little while she noticed her sister squirming around in her seat a bit.

Another hour passed and by this time Alyssa was really obviously uncomfortable, as was Courtney. The only difference was that Courtney could relieve herself anytime she wanted to, unlike her sister.

   “Mommy, I’ve really gotta pee,” Alyssa whispered to her mother.

   “Well, you should’ve listened to me,” Mrs. Larson responded, “You’re going to have to hold it. There’s only one more witness, and then the jury has to make a decision, it should take about an hour.”

   “AN HOUR!” the younger daughter exclaimed, “I’ll try to hold it.”

   Meanwhile, Courtney, who figured she’d take advantage of her convenience and rub it into her sister that she could relieve herself , decided to let loose in her pamper. She focused for a couple of minutes and after focusing for enough she was able to let the urine flow into her diaper. She had to wet it a lot since she had forgotten to use the bathroom in the morning, but was happy when the pamper did not leak.  Both girls continued to sit through the final minutes of the trial, one comfortable and one not.