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Monica Schick woke up at about 10:00 AM on Sunday morning, and looked under her covers to reveal the Pampers Baby-Dry diaper she was wearing. It was slightly wet, but Monica was completely aware of this because she had woken up in the middle of the night with the urge to pee, and had decided to just use her diaper. She felt the rest of her bladder acting up, and let the rest go into her now soaked, but not quite leaking diaper. She rolled out of bed and headed downstairs, wearing just her diaper and a t-shirt.

Monica met her mother in the kitchen, who was not very surprised that her daughter was just wearing a diaper, cooking pancakes.

“Good morning, sleepy head. I’m making you pancakes, if that’s okay. You need some carbs today for your game because Courtney’s not going to be there,” she said as she looked down at her daughter’s soaked diaper, “but it looks like you need a change kiddo. Let’s go upstairs to get you out of that thing.”

Mrs. Schick finished the pancakes and put them onto a plate and headed upstairs with her daughter. When they reached the room, Mrs. Schick went over to the diaper cabinet to get the changing mat, and while there had a question for her daughter.

“So, your game’s not ‘till three and your father’s going to be gone with Erick for a tournament in New Hampshire today,” she said as she reached into the bag of Pampers size 6’s in the cabinet.

“Yeah mommy, I want another diaper if that’s okay,” Monica responded. Ever since that sleepover with Courtney, Monica’s mother had let her wear diapers around the house a lot more. Neither her father nor brother knew, but since they were so busy Monica had plenty of time to be diapered by her mother. The only rule was that she couldn’t take the diaper off unless she was done for the day. Monica had noticed, though, that her bladder control was getting worse and sometimes she would just barely make it to the bathroom in time.

Monica layed down on the changing mat in her wet diaper and Mrs Schick began to unfold the new one. She stretched the tabs out a little bit on the new one before untaping the old one, lifting her daughter’s butt up, and throwing the pamper to the side. She grabbed some baby powder and pampers wipes and cleaned up Monica’s private area, before sliding the new diaper under her 9 year old’s rear end and taping it shut. The tabs had to stretch a bit, but the diaper still fit pretty good.

“Now do you want to wear anything else right now?” the mother asked.

“No thanks, mommy, I’ll just wear this.” Her daughter replied. Monica liked wearing just her diaper aroung the house; it reminded her that she was wearing it and she liked how it looked. She loved the little big bird print on the cover of this one and she looked down at herself as she headed down the stairs.
Monica headed down the stairs to eat her pancakes. She got herself a huge glass of orange juice and poured some maple syrup on, and sat down to eat them and read the comics, wearing only a diaper. Her mother thought her daughter’s interest in diapers was a little weird, but she had done some research on the internet, and saw that many people and kids had the same strange interests as her daughter. She figured she should maybe call a psychologist about it but did not want to be told that she was a bad parent, and plus, she couldn’t help but notice how cute her little brunette looked in her pampers. She hoped what she had been doing with her daughter’s diaper wearing wouldn’t lead to any more problems, because right now it was working well.

When Monica finished with her pancakes she headed downstairs to the computer to see if any of her friends were on AIM. After logging on she saw the name HSPuPiLove5 signed on. Right then her IM box opened:

HSPuPiLove5:  sup girlfriend
SoccerIsLife04: nm, u?
HSPuPiLove5:  nm, so, u got a game today?
SoccerIsLife04: ya, how bout u?
HSPiPiLove5: ya, I’ve gotta go in like an hour, we’re playing like an hour away. so r u wearing a you know what right now?
SoccerIsLife04: yes han, I’m wearing a pamper. I’m not wet tho, yet. My game’s not til 3 so I get to wear diapers 4 a while. U?
HSPuPiLove5: I ran out yesterday, but we’re going over there tonight so I can restock. btw, I haven’t been over for a sleepover in a while. I’m really sick of havin to swipe these from my cousin, and he’s only size 5 so they dont fit.

Hannah Shaffer had been Monica’s best friend ever since first grade. During their first sleepover when they were in the 2nd grade, Hannah discovered Monica’s secret about bedwetting and diapers, and confessed that she herself had had thoughts of wearing diapers as well after she quit wetting the bed at 6. Monica and Hannah began sneaking Hannah diapers during their sleepovers. This went on until one night in the winter of 3rd grade, when Mrs. Schick found out about what the girls had been doing when she caught Hannah diapering herself in Monica’s room, after forgetting to lock the door. After many tears and apologies Mrs. Schick agreed to let Hannah wear diapers over there house during sleepovers, and it eventually led to all night diaper parties with both girls. Hannah, who had grown to love diapers as much as her friend, resorted to swiping diapers from her 2 year old cousin, although she was pretty sure her mother had an idea about her hobby.

SoccerIsLife04: ya, well im going up to new york in 2 weekends, but ya next weekend could be all right
HSPuPiLove5: Ooh, tat sux. Im really busy next weekend, ive got to go to 2 games and a couple family partys. Anyways I need to talk to you about something, and id rather not do it online so ill tell u 2morow.
SoccerIsLife04: kk, g2g just went #2
HSPuPiLove5: wow, tat was akward but bubi cya soom
SoccerIsLife04: kk, cya

Although Monica hadn’t really pooped in her diaper yet, she couldn’t really talk online while she was pushing it out, and she wanted to see her friend’s reaction when she wrote that. Monica was contemplating many things. She wondered what Hannah wanted to tell her, and why it was so important, as well as how the Columbus Day trip in diapers with Courtney was going to work Feeling the pressure in her bowels, she squatted down and began to push. It didn’t take much until the pamper was not only really messy but soaked with urine and Monica figured she’d better head upstairs to get changed. The cute 9 year old trotted upstairs in just a poopy diaper and t-shirt puzzled about her young, interesting life.