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Courtney Larson had been dazing off before the judge came back with his decision. Her diaper, which she had wet about an hour earlier, was pretty wet, but the diaper had done such a good job soaking up the urine, Courtney could barely feel the wetness anymore. She looked over to her sister and saw that she still looked uncomfortable from her urge to use the bathroom, but it appeared she would make it through the rest of the hearing.

The trial had in fact been an interesting one for Courtney. In a way, she was embarrassed to have had to wet her diaper during the trial, in a way she also really wanted to. Her mother couldn’t get mad at her for it because that was the reason she was wearing it. But still, Courtney felt like what she did wasn’t right for someone her age to be doing, and sitting there in her wet pamper just made her feel more awkward.

In a few minutes the decision was read. It was decided by the judge that Mrs. Larson would have full custody of the girls if she agreed to let Mr. Larson take the girls for one day every other weekend. Although she didn’t want to agree to this, she was happy about the outcome. Mrs. Larson thanked her lawyer, and quickly rushed her kids out of the courtroom so they could use the bathroom.

When they reached the girl’s room at the courthouse, Mrs. Larson had realized that her older daughter wasn’t close to as eager to use the bathroom as her sister. Alyssa was basically running to the bathroom and Courtney was in no rush, although both girls complained about needing to go earlier. This only meant one thing to Mrs. Larson, and she decided to talk to her daughter to make sure. She took the girls inside the bathroom, told Alyssa to go use the toilet, and pulled Courtney over to talk.

“Honey, why don’t you have to go to the bathroom? I’m not going to get mad at you but did you use your diaper?” she asked.

Courtney didn’t know what to say. She kind of felt like just bursting out in tears, but held herself together and responded, “Well, I really had to go, and I didn’t want to have to hold it for that much longer, so I just went. Wasn’t that the reason why I was wearing one?”

“Of course honey, but to be honest I didn’t really expect you to use it,” her mother replied.

“Oh, I think I forgot to use the bathroom before we left, and I really had to go. Trust me mommy, I really didn’t want to use it,” she lied.

“I believe you honey, and I have no problem with it. Now I packed you a pair of panties, why don’t you go into the stall when your sister’s done and change. Unless you want another diaper,” Mrs. Larson had packed both of the other diapers in her purse. She didn’t really know why she did, because she knew even if Courtney wet one diaper, she wouldn’t want to change into another one. Or would she?

Courtney felt embarrassed by her mother asking that question. She really did want to change into another diaper, but didn’t have any good reason for accepting it, because it was just a quick 20 minute ride back home. She also was beginning to think that her mother knew something else. It wasn’t normal for a mother to ask her 10 year old daughter if she wanted a new diaper when there wasn’t much need for it.

“I’ll take the panties,” Courtney said as she blushed, her mother picking up on the blush.

“Okay honey,” Mrs. Larson responded, “I was only joking about the diaper anyways. Oh, and take some wipes in with you, you don’t want to get a rash from this.”

Since no one was in the bathroom at the time, Courtney took the pair of panties out of her mother’s purse, and grabbed a few wipes and headed into the stall. Once in the stall, she dropped her pants, revealing her wet pamper’s yellowish tint. She undid the tabs of the diaper, and let it plop down on the floor. She grabbed the wipes and wiped off her private area thoroughly, and then put her panties on. After pulling her pants up, she picked up the diaper and wipes and exited the stall, where her mother and sister were waiting for her.

   When Alyssa spotted the wet diaper, she exclaimed, “You actually peed in it!”

   “Yes, and I bet you wish you could have been wearing a diaper about an hour ago too. When I needed to pee, I just peed,” Courtney replied, somewhat embarrassed.

“No way,” Alyssa exclaimed, “I’m not a baby like you, I can actually use the bathroom!”

    Mrs. Larson, who had taken the diaper from her daughter and thrown it out, figured she had to break up this mini-quarrel, “Now, now, girls. Alyssa, it was Courtney’s choice to use the diaper; she was probably much more comfortable for most of the hearing. Courtney, maybe Alyssa really would have really rather held it for that long than worn a diaper. Now let’s get out of here, it’s been a long day.”

Brittany O’Brien sat in her brother’s hospital room, eager to get to her soccer game without being late.

“Can we gooooo now?” Brittany asked her father.

“Honey, you’re game’s at 3. It’s only 1:30; we’ll be there in plenty of time. Anyways, we need to be here for you’re brother. He’s been really bored,” her father replied.

“No, it’s okay dad. I’ll be fine. If you guys want to go, go, and good luck Britt,” Michael responded from his bed. His concussion had greatly improved, but he needed to stay in the hospital for a few more hours so they could fill out the paperwork and stuff. They weren’t sure how long he was going to have post-concussion symptoms, but they could keep him out of physical activity for 6-12 months.

“Ok, Britt can you start heading down on your own? I need to talk to your mother,” her father asked. Brittany began heading downstairs. Brittany really didn’t want to have to go to the hospital to visit her brother; not only did she hate hospitals, but she couldn’t stay still for that long. But although she would have rather been somewhere else, she couldn’t bad for herself. She thought of the day her best friend was having, and how boring that must have been. But little did she know exactly what kind of day her friend had had.