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 It had been 6 days since Courtney had wet her “just in case" diaper at the courtroom, and since that date Courtney had barely even thought about wearing diapers. Over the week, Courtney not only had a big project due in history class, but also had two intense soccer practices to go to, where she didn’t even have the opportunity to talk to Monica. Since Courtney and Monica were in different grades in school, they rarely got to talk to each other except for practice, and Courtney had been so busy all week, they had not even gotten to talk about the upcoming Columbus Day trip when both girls were going to wear pull-ups all the way up to their destination in New York.

   Michael O’Brien was recovering faster than expected, and both the Larson and O’Brien families were excited about this.  He was functioning almost completely normally, but would still have dizzy spells every once in a while, which prohibited the poor teenager from any physical activity. The doctors said these dizzy spells may go on for a while, but Mike was going to eventually be okay. Brittany, on the other hand, was not. With her brother being injured, she was not getting any of the attention that she wanted. This got her back to thinking why her good friend Monica enjoyed wearing her diapers so much. Was it a plea for attention? Would Brittany enjoy this habit if it meant she got some extra attention from her mother?

   The girls had a soccer game that Saturday morning at 10:00 AM, which meant Monica had to wake up earlier than usual, at 8:00, and probably wouldn’t get any extra diaper time that she would have wanted. When her alarm clock rang at that time, the cute 9 year old brunette slowly woke herself up, before looking down at her dry pampers diaper. She relaxed for a second and let her bladder fill up the diaper to almost its full capacity. She placed her hand under it to feel the wetness, enjoying how babyish she felt to have consciously wet another baby diaper. She threw on a pair of shorts over her soaked diaper and headed downstairs.

   Unfortunately for her, her father was awake and downstairs, relaxed at the counter with a cup of coffee and the sports section. He took one look at his daughter’s bottom in the shorts and had to make a comment.

   “You wet your pants again last night honey? When are you going to stop? All these diapers are costing me money.”

   Monica thought for a second about what her father had said, and began to feel guilty. As much as her family was pretty well off and was obviously not desperate for money, they were not as wealthy as the Larson’s or O’Brien’s and Monica wondered whether her diaper use was really costing the family precious money.

   “Sorry daddy, but I couldn’t help it,” she lied.

   “It’s okay honey, I know you can’t help it. Now, your mother is taking a shower and she said you can change yourself after you eat. You have to leave in about an hour, so hurry up.”

   Monica ate her Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal quickly, and proceeded upstairs to change into her uniform. She knew how to clean herself up after wetting her night diaper, but she preferred when her mother did it. She loved the attention and motherly love she got when she had her diaper changed. That was one of the main reasons she enjoyed wearing diapers, and she didn’t get as much out of it when she had to clean up herself. After untaping the diaper and wiping herself off, she changed into her uniform, and in a short time she was on the road with her mother to the nearby park to play a soccer game.

   Courtney had arrived at the game before Monica, and when she saw her friend pull in the parking lot, she walked over to the car to greet her. Courtney had realized that morning that there were some things that she had to talk to Monica about and had made sure she was early to the game so they could talk.

   “So, about next weekend, am I still supposed to wear a… you know what?” Courtney asked

   “I think so. My mom’s going to buy a bag of pull-ups for me on the trip and there should be enough for you to borrow a few,” Monica responded.

   “Well, I’ve got to tell you what happened last weekend…” Courtney began to tell her story of wetting her pamper at the courtroom the previous weekend, “…and I think that she may be on to something, so we need to keep next weekend really private.”

   “So your mom really offered you another diaper after the trial was over? Wow, maybe my mommy told her something. Well, we’ll make sure to play it safe next weekend, and if you get caught you can just say you were doing it for me.”

   “Yeah, I guess it will work out,” Courtney responded reluctantly. She really did want to wear pull-ups for this trip, but was starting to believe that her mother was on to something, and didn’t want her to find out about her secrets. Or did she? What if her mother supported her desires? Then, she guessed, it would be a good thing that she found out. But either way, Courtney really didn’t want to take a risk but was willing to suck it up for her friend.”

“Hey, do you want to come over after the game today? My bro has a game about an hour away with my dad, so my mom will probably let us wear diapers most of the afternoon.” Monica asked.

“Yeah, we’ll plan it after the game, now let’s get onto the field and warm up, the game starts in an hour.”

   The team they were playing was not very good, and the girls won the game 6-0. Courtney had 3 of those goals, while Monica added a goal for herself; all in all it was a very good game for all three girls. Courtney had thought about Monica’s offer, and realized how much she had missed being diapered for the past week. After the game the two girls got together with their mothers and set up a play date at Monica’s. In about 10 minutes, the Schick’s blue Town and Country had pulled out of the park parking lot and headed back to the Schick household with two little girls in the back seat.

   The car pulled into the Schick’s colonial at about 2:00, giving the girls about four to five hours before Monica’s dad and brother came home to play. Once inside Monica’s mother inferred what the girls wanted her to do, but whispered to Monica to double check.

   “You girls want to wear diapers today, right?” she asked.

   “Of course mommy, I already talked to Courtney about it and she wants to too,” was her daughter’s reply. That was pretty much the main reason they wound up at Monica’s house. There was much more to do at Courtney’s but her mom didn’t put her in diapers whenever she wanted to.

   “Okay, let’s go up to Monica’s room, girls,” Monica’s mother told the girls while they headed up the stairs. Mrs. Schick hadn’t expected to have two girls wearing diapers, and when she looked in the bag of Pampers Baby-Dry size 6 she had in Monica’s room, she realized that there were only 3 diapers left, which probably wouldn’t be enough for both girls that entire afternoon. She took 2 out of the package, and told her daughter to lay down for a change.

   While she was undressing Monica, and changing her into a Pampers diaper, she told the girls about her little dilemma, “Girls, I’m sorry but their’s only going to be 1 diaper left after I change each of you. So, you guys have two options. You can either wear these diapers, and once you use them once, you’ll be done with diapers for the day, or we can go to CVS to buy another pack.

   By this time Monica had already been diapered, and Courtney began to lie down to get her Pamper put on. There was an obvious question that both girls wanted to ask, and Monica was the first one to it. 

   “Well do we have to wear these to the store?” she asked as she looked down at her dry diaper.

   Mrs. Shick didn’t know how to answer this. She herself really wanted to see the girls go to CVS wearing the diapers, but had to think fast to come up with a reasonable excuse for it.

   “Well girls, if we’re going to go, we need to go really soon, probably before your diapers are wet, and we know we don’t want to waste diapers, so yes you girls will have to wear these to CVS. Anyways, you girls know the rules here; if you take off your diaper you can’t wear one again for the rest of the day.”

   Courtney was not aware of this rule, but Monica was. Her mother had made this very clear before she started to let Monica wear diapers during the day. Monica didn’t know what the reason for this was, but she guessed that her mom wanted to know when she was diapered or not at all times for whatever reason.

   Mrs. Schick finished diapering Courtney and the girls talked for a minute about what they wanted to do. They decided that since the main reason they were at the Schick’s was to wear the diapers that they would go to the store to get more, even if it meant wearing diapers out in public. Monica put on a pair of baggy sweatpants, and since Courtney only had her soccer shorts, which made her diaper somewhat visible; Monica let her borrow a pair of sweats as well. Both girls looked in the mirror to make sure their diapers weren’t visible, and both were satisfied with how they looked. Monica’s mother packed the final Pamper in her purse just in case, and they were off.

   The minivan pulled into the store about 5 minutes later, and both girls hopped out of the car, eager to get the experience over with. Ironically, Monica, who wore diapers much more often that her friend, had never worn a diaper out in public like this, unlike Courtney. This made the naturally shy Monica even more nervous about this experience as Mrs. Schick led the girls to the diaper aisle to look at the different brands. The girls looked compared the look of the Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs, as Mrs. Schick contemplated the prices. In the end, the mutual decision was made to buy one pack of Pampers Baby Dry and one pack of Luvs because these were the two cheapest brands, and the girls had never tried Luvs before.
   “So Monica, do you want me to but the pull-ups for the trip next week now or do you want me to wait until later?” Mrs. Schick asked her daughter before they left the aisle.

   “No, can you do it later next week? I don’t want it to be obvious,” her daughter replied, “now can we get a soda please?”

   “Sure, but you know what that soda will do later today,” Mrs. Schick joked. The girls ran back to the refrigerators in the back to pick out a soda. Monica picked cherry coke, while Courtney picked a sprite. The girls brought their sodas up to the cashier and after Mrs. Schick picked up a few more items, they began to check out. The cashier who was a young teenage boy, did not seem to be suspicious of the two packs of diapers, and proceeded to check the goods out normally. But, as he finished scanning all of the items, Monica was busy wetting her diaper. Happy the diaper didn’t leak, she headed to the car with her friend and mother as nothing had even happened.