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Monica Schick looked at the clock in her 4th grade class room at East Side Elementary School. There was only 15 minutes left in the day, but Monica knew those 15 minutes were going to take a lot longer than she wanted them too. The whole day had gone by really, really slow it seemed. Not only was it a Friday, but it was the Friday before a three day weekend, for Columbus Day. And Monica knew that this upcoming weekend was going to be a very interesting, yet exciting one. She had been waiting for this weekend ever since her coach told her that they were going to be playing in this tournament, but now she was starting to get second thoughts about the events that would lead up to the actual games in the tournament. Because she had been wearing diapers so often, her bladder had greatly weakened. So much that Mrs. Schick didn’t trust her daughter on a long car ride, especially in someone else’s car, without some protection. So, Monica’s mother went out to the store and bought a pack of 26 Pampers easy-ups, in which her daughter and her friend were going to wear for the duration of the car ride.

Monica spent the rest of that 15 minute period daydreaming about what was going to happen after the final bell rung. Sooner than she had expected, the second hand on the clock finally hit the 12 for the last time, and the weekend was about to begin.

Courtney’s mother was going to pick Monica and Coryn up along with her own two girls, as she already had their stuff packed up at her house. Since Brittany lived so close, she was going to go home first before walking or getting driven over by her mother. This gave Monica and Courtney time to get into their pull-ups before their other friend arrived, since they didn’t plan on her knowing.

Before going to meet Courtney up at the parent pick-up area of their school, Monica desperately needed to use the bathroom. She had gone after her lunch period just 2½ hours previous, but still had barely managed to get through the last five minutes of school without peeing herself. She figured that wearing the diapers so much around the time was contributing to this loss of bladder control, but ignored it anyway.

Courtney Larson walked up to the parent pick-up area, where she saw her sister and Coryn waiting with the other 2nd graders for their ride to come. Courtney had also been extremely anxious for this upcoming trip. She was going to try hiding wearing a pull-up on the trip from not only her mother, but her sister and friend as well. Courtney had come to enjoy wearing diapers at Monica’s house, because her mom was so nice about it, but wasn’t sure what Brittany or her mother would say if they found out.

A short while after Courtney arrived at the area, her mother’s minivan pulled in. The two younger girls headed for the car, while Courtney stuck told them that she was staying behind to wait for Monica. In a few minutes, she spotted her brunette friend walking quickly down the hallway. Courtney started walking towards her friend, since she had to talk to
into them before she gets there.”

“Okay, that sounds good. I threwThe older girls took the money and headed toward the Ben and Jerry’s to buy an ice cream. Mrs. Larson took the other three girls to the girl’s room in the corner of the rest area. Just as they were entering the bathroom, Mrs. Larson looked down at her older daughter’s friend, and saw the wet spot on Monica’s bottom. Knowing what that meant she pulled her daughter’s friend over to talk, as Coryn and Alyssa waited for a stall.

“Um, honey, did you have an accident in your pull-up?” she asked.

   Monica didn’t think that Mrs. Larson knew, and began to worry that her pull-up was easy to see, “You know?” she asked back.

   “Don’t worry honey, your mommy told me that you were going to be wearing them for the trip.”

   Monica, who was upset her mother didn’t tell her this replied, “Yeah, I guess I had too many juiceboxes. My pull-up kind of leaked a little.”

   “Oh, it’s okay, honey,” Mrs. Larson responded comfortly, “Do you have another pull-up with you?”

   Immediately Monica realized that all of her pull-ups were in the car, which she knew could be a small predicament.

   “Shoot,” she exclaimed, “I think I forgot to bring one in to change into. I’m so sorry.” Monica began to fight back her tears. Luckily for her Courtney’s mother was almost as nice as her own.

   “Don’t worry honey. I tell you what. Those pull-ups weren’t really working too well anyways. If you’d rather I can go back to the car and grab one of your night time diapers for you, that way you won’t have to worrying about leaking. I can always go buy more for you anyways, when we get there. Trust me; you’re not alone with this honey.” Monica's mother had packed a few Pampers for the night so Monica didn't leak onto the hotel bed. Mrs. Larson knew she was probably going to have to buy more diapers anyways, and figured it would be easier for Monica to use one of these to avoid leaks.

   “Sure,” she replied as she went to go hide inside the handicap stall. Soon after, she heard two more girls pile into the bathroom. Brittany grabbed the stall that Coryn had come out of as Courtney, looked for Monica. The two younger girls had done what they were told, and were waiting right outside the bathroom. Courtney asked her sister where Monica was, and she replied that she thought she heard her in the handicap stall, but she was taking a while. After entering the bathroom Courtney knocked on the the star her friend was in, and let Monica let her in.

   “Monica, I just wet my pull-up!” Courtney whispered to her friend, “I don’t know, the line was long and I didn’t feel like holding it and I just went, and now I need to change!”

Courtney’s bulge was very obvious if you were looking for it, as she was wearing a fairly tight pair of jeans, and Monica was worried that her friend was going to be caught.   Just then the two girls heard the voice of Mrs. Larson ask Brittany where Courtney was, and then command the three girls to wait on the bench outside. Mrs. Larson knocked on the handicap stall, and let Courtney reluctantly let her in. Right away she noticed her daughter’s bulge, and had had enough with keeping what she knew about it in.

Rebecca Larson had first noticed her daughter’s interest in diapers when she thought she saw a diaper bulge once when her daughter came to dinner, and then rushed upstairs after she finished. She shook that event off, until she found a few Pampers in Courtney’s room while she was cleaning up one day, she took them and decided to use them for a test. When Courtney not only wore the diaper during the court hearing, but wet it, she believed her hypothesis was true. When Monica’s mother told her that Monica was a bedwetter and was going to wear a pull-up for the road trip, she knew that this may set up some interesting events, and watched her daughter closely during the whole trip. Here, it was obvious. And she  couldn’t let this go anymore.