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“Monica, can you wait a second, I need to talk to Courtney,” Mrs. Larson asked Monica. She took Courtney outside the stall, made sure no one was watching, and began to question her daughter.

“Honey, I’m not going to get mad at you, but I can’t help but noticing what you’re wearing under your pants.” Addressing her daughter about this situation was very awkward, but she knew she had to get to it eventually, and here was probably the best time to do it.

“What?” Courtney responded, obviously nervous and embarrassed. “What are you talking about?”

Mrs. Larson made sure that nobody could hear her conversation, and spoke. “Courtney, honey, I can tell you’re wearing one of Monica’s pull-ups right now, and it looks pretty wet.”

Courtney, knowing she had been caught, tried another method. “I was just wearing one because Monica wanted me to. She didn’t want to be the only one wearing them on the trip.”

“Honey, I’ve had some suspicions about this for a while,” Mrs. Larson replied calmly, “I’m pretty sure that you like to wear diapers, and I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with that. It’s a little differen, but everybody’s unique.”

how did you know?” Courtney replied giving in
¼“But to her mother’s calm tone.

“Well, darling, let’s just say, moms know everything!”

Both Courtney and her mother were then silent for a second. They were relieved, yet uncomfortable and embarrassed at the same time. After realizing Monica was in the stall waiting, Mrs. Larson spoke up again.

“So, I’ll give you two options for now. You can either go back to the car and change into a pair of your panties there, or we can go back to the car and I can change you and Monica into her night time diapers, and you can spend the weekend, except for your games, in diapers.”

“Wait, how do you know about Monica’s pull-ups, and night-time diapers?” Courtney questioned.

“Oh, her mother told me she had these problems over the phone. She told me all about the protection she would have to wear. I guess she must have forgotten to tell Monica that she had told me.”   

This turn of events was a lot for Courtney as she began to fight back her tears. “But, what about Alyssa, and Brittany, and Coryn, won’t they find out?” she asked.

“Well, Brittany’s your friend, and if she really is your friend she’ll understand. I can deal with Alyssa, and trust me; you won’t have to worry about Coryn bothering you about this. Monica already agreed to be changed into a diaper, anyways,” Mrs. Larson said as she pulled out the Pampers Baby Dry diaper from her purse, “her pull-up leaked in the car, and she wanted more protection.”

Courtney knew that probably wasn’t the only reason Monica wanted a diaper, rather than another pull-up. Reluctantly she made her decision, one she knew was very risky.

“Okay, I’ll wear a diaper, mommy.”

Mrs. Larson was in a way excited her daughter had made that decision. She had always wanted another baby, but when she divorced her husband, she never had the time to start another relationship. She figured that this changing her daughter’s diapers could be a start.

She knocked on the stall, and Monica let her in, expecting to be changed. Mrs. Larson explained to her the situation regarding Courtney now wearing diapers for the trip as well, and the girls explained to her what they had being doing when Courtney had been going over to Monica’s house, and Monica agreed to her friend diapered for the trip as well. It was going to be a fun, but interesting weekend!

“There’s one problem thought,” Mrs. Larson said, “I didn’t think I was going to be needing one for you Courtney, so I only have one diaper. Courtney, why don’t you wait until we find a grocery store to buy some more diapers, and I can change you there. For now you can stay in that pull-up. Monica I can change you into a diaper now, because I don’t want you to leak onto my seat anymore.”

Courtney exited the stall, and went outside the bathroom, where the other girls were waiting. Just then it hit Courtney, that she didn’t know what the reaction of her friends and sister would be when the found out she was back in diapers. She was worried Brittany would not only not like her anymore, but she would also blab about it to the whole soccer team, and school.

“What took you so long in there? Where’s your mom and Monica? She’s been in there forever.” Brittany asked Courtney as she came out.

“Oh, nothing,” Courtney replied, only knowing Brittany would probably carry on about it. To her suprise, Brittany didn’t and the girls began to chat about the hotel they were staying in and what they were doing for the rest of the car ride. In a couple minutes, Mrs. Larson came out with Monica, who was wearing a diaper under her sweats.

Wishing to address the situation to the other three girls, she gave Courtney and Monica another 5 bucks to buy some snacks in the convenience shop. With the two diaper girls gone, she proceeded to explain the situation to the other girls.

“I need to talk to you three for a second,” she started, “One the way over here Monica had a bit of an accident.”

“What kind of accident, Mommy?” Alyssa asked.

“Well, she couldn’t hold her pee, and went potty in her pants a bit. Lucky for her, her mom was expecting her to have trouble holding it and she was wearing a pull-up just in case.”

A light bulb went off in Brittany’s head. She thought that she had seen something look a little different about Monica’s pants, but she couldn’t pick it out. After that original sleep over they had had, it made total sense to Brittany.

Alyssa didn’t really seem to care that much, but Coryn appeared very pale and embarrassed about the subject. Mrs. Larson continued.

“Well, her pull-up leaked a little, and we both decided it would be better if she wore diapers for the rest of the trip. Courtney talked to her about it, and Monica, I guess felt really embarrassed about having to wear diapers. So to make her feel better about it, Courtney will be wearing diapers too for the ride.”

Alyssa started to chuckle. Mrs. Larson cut her younger daughter off right away.

“Now,” she said staring right at her daughter, “If any of you tease either of them about wearing diapers, you will have to wear them for the ride as well.”

Right away Alyssa stopped laughing, and Mrs. Larson took the rest of the girls into the store that Courtney and Monica were in. Monica and Courtney were looking at the different candy bars they had up front, but Mrs. Larson spotted something that could potentially be very necessary. She grabbed the only pack of size six diapers they had (they were Huggies) and placed them on the checkout desk. Courtney, spotting this, got very frustrated with her mother.

“Mom! What are you doing?” she asked.

“Oh they had a pack of diapers in here, so I figured I’d save another stop and get them here,” was her mother’s reply.

“But what about...”

“Oh, they already know about it. Don’t worry, I told them you were just doing it to help Monica out. And trust me, they won’t tease you about it.”

Courtney and Monica both placed their candy bars onto the counter with the diapers, and Courtney noticed Brittany give her an odd look. Mrs. Larson was fairly relieved when the young man at the cash register did not comment on the diapers, when it was obvious that she had five girls with her that were out of diaper age, and took Courtney back into the bathroom to change her into one of the diapers. By this time Brittany needed to use the bathroom as well and the other three girls waited outside. By the time they had gotten situated in the car and on the road, two of the five preteen girls were wearing a diaper.