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 Once the care was repacked with all of the girls, Mrs. Larson was ready to get the minivan back on the road again. The events that had happened in the rest stop was still putting her in a state of confusion and shock, and kept replaying in her head. She thought of how cute her daughter and her friend had looked in their fresh baby diapers, but also how wierd it really was. She was anxiously waiting to deal with what would happen when the diapers weren't so fresh anymore, knowing how awkward it would be changing her 10 year old daughter's wet diaper for the first time in about 6-7 years. She let those thoughts escape her head as she proceeded to exit the crowded rest stop.

   The minivan traveled for about 2 hours, heading for the Best Western they were staying in. For the most part the car had been silent, Monica and Courtney were almost too embarassed to talk to Brittany, and Brittany was in too much of an awkward situation to talk, plus all 5 girls had shut their eyes for atleast part of the ride. The younger girls had been talking at first, but first Alyssa fell asleep, and right before she woke up again Coryn dozed off. Coryn had been sleeping for about 30 minutes, when finally some noise was made.

   "Wake up! Wake up Coryn!" Alyssa shouted at her friend while lightly shaking her. Right as Coryn woke up she started crying, and right away Mrs. Larson had a feeling of what may have happened.

   "Oh, Coryn honey, did you have an accident sweetie?" she asked.

   "Yeah she did mommy," Alyssa replied, "remember, she wets the bed."

   Courtney who had just woken up was very suprised, yet somewhat excited about the situation. She didn't know that Coryn was a bedwetter, although she was sort of suspicious when her sister would never let her in on their sleepovers. Courtney also was beginning to feel her bowels loosening up, and didn't know what to do. She didn't want to ask her mother what to do especially with the crisis they were dealing with now, as it would be sort of embarassing, but she really had to go, so she let go. Immediately the car began to exhibit a foul odor, and Mrs. Larson knew that one final stop was greatly in order.

   "Okay guys, you know what. It's getting late so we should stop for dinner anyways. I'll get you guys all changed at the restaurant."

   "Ooh, can we go to Chili's mommy," Alyssa asked as she saw Chili's, along with a few other restaurants they saw as they got off the highway.

   "Is that okay with everyone? It doesn't look too busy." asked Mrs. Larson.

   The other four girls all nodded their heads and Mrs. Larson pulled the minivan into the parking lot, got all of the girls out, stuck a few pull-ups and a few diapers into her purse and headed inside. She put their name into the short waiting list, and as Brittany and Alyssa waited up front headed to the bathroom.

   "Okay, so you guys both need changes right?" Mrs. Larson asked Monica and Courtney, "And which one of you did #2?"

   Both girls nodded with Courtney fessing up to the extra deed, and Mrs. Larson responded, "Okay, I'm going to deal with Coryn first, but then I'll do you Court since you need a change more."

   Once Mrs. Larson and Coryn arrived inside the family bathroom Coryn broke out into a steady flow of tears, and Mrs. Larson began to calm her. Once she calmed down, Mrs. Larson began changing her out of her damp clothes, and once she was stripped down to just her t-shirt, Mrs. Larson pulled out one of Coryn's girls Huggies pull-ups.

   "Now honey, I want you to wear one so you can fall asleep again without worrying, okay."

   "No, can I please wait 'till we get to the hotel. I promise i won't fall asleep again. I don't want the other girls to know I wear those to bed." Coryn responded.

   "Honey, I hate to tell you, but they all saw what happened in the car anyways. And hey, who are Courtney and Monica to talk!"

   That was enough convincing for Coryn, as she slipped into the pull-up and put her black sweats back on. The wet spot was not obvious at all, and Mrs. Larson had forgotten a change of clothes from the car so they settled with that. Coryn exited the bathroom with a slight bulge, and called Courtney in.

   Mrs. Larson had been anxiously waiting for this for a while, but did not expect her daughter to be messy as well. What did she expect though? Her daughter was wearing a diaper, and usually you use a diaper to do both #1 and #2. Anyways, she wasn't really excited for this change.

   Courtney stripped down to just her diaper and t-shirt and layed down of the Koala changing table that was in the bathroom. Luckily she was small, because she barely fit, but although she wasn't very comfortable, her mother was able to proceed with the changing. She took a bunch of wipes out of her bag, and began to undo the tabs of her daughter's Huggie. Once the diaper was off, she thoroughly proceeded to wipe her daughter down well, realizing that if they were going to do this all weekend she would need some powder and cream to prevent a rash, and once she was clean, she slid another Huggie under her butt, and taped her up. Courtney put her pants back on, and headed back out into the restaurant. After Mrs. Larson had changed Monica into a fresh diaper as well, they all went back up front, where it was their turn to be seated.

   After dinner was over the girls all piled back into the van. The girls all put their i-pod buds in, and fell back asleep, 3 out of the 5 of them wearing some sort of protection. The minivan pulled into the hotel parking lot at about 8:30 P.M., and the girls all began to slowly wake up to once again a very foul smell.