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Here's the 2nd chapter. I tried to make it longer and add more detail. Still feel free to make comments.

Courtney and Brittany- Chapter 2

As Courtney walked towards the breakfast table, the thought of her strange dream still raced through her head. Courtney hadn’t even worn a diaper since she was potty trained at 2˝, and wore pull-ups to bed until she was night trained at 3. Her sister was also potty trained at a young age, so diapers were not a usual sight in the Larson household. But they were at the O’Brien house. Since Brittany’s brother Bradley had not been potty trained yet, stacks of Pampers Cruisers size 6 were piled up in his bedroom.

“Um, I’ve kind of got to go to the bathroom,” said Monica Schick, a 9 year old brunette, who was in the 4th grade. Monica knew the girls through soccer, as she was so good she played up a year with the 5th graders. She also attended the same elementary school as Brittany and Courtney.

“No problem Monica, we’ll be here eating,” replied the hyper Brittany. Brittany was known to be extremely hyper and could never stop moving. She always had to be competing at something, or making something, or playing a game. She could not sit still and watch a movie unless her friends were there talking with her.

Monica walked to the bathroom in sort of a wobble; Courtney noticed it and figured that she had pulled a muscle playing soccer. Their first games of the fall season were in a big Labor Day Tournament in Connecticut, and they had played a lot of soccer.

As she ate her pancakes Courtney’s mind got a bit off the topic of diapers for the moment. Brittany was babbling on about this new boy in school, and how she was in a conflict with another one of her friends, and Courtney always had to know the gossip in school.

A few minutes later after Monica had returned from the bathroom and had begun digging into her pancakes, the girls all spotted a young boy wobble into the room, wearing nothing but a soaked diaper.

“Hi little Bradley, how are you?” asked Courtney.

“Me good. How you Cort?” replied the toddler.

“AWWW! He’s so cute,” was the reply from all four girls.

Bryan was almost like a brother to Courtney, as was Michael who had an early baseball practice this morning. But now Courtney was focusing on the piece of clothing that drooped down on Brad’s butt. By now Courtney had realized that she was desparate to try one on. It wasn’t so much that she was attracted to the diapers, but by now her sense of curiosity had invaded her mind, and she was not going to leave this house without a diaper. But Courtney wondered if they would fit her? She was pretty small for her age but not tiny. And these were made for babies like Brad, not for a 10 year old girl like her. It was worth a try though, as Courtney devised a plan to take a few. While the girls were playing downstairs, probably in some obstacle course Brittany had made up, Courtney would ask to go to the bathroom to change, where she would sneak into Brad’s room, grab a few diapers, and then put them in her bag, where no one would find them. By 11:30, when Brittany was setting up her obstacle course, Courtney put her plan to action. She snuck up the stairs, and turned directly right into the hallway with Brad’s room, Brittany’s parent’s room, and the bathroom. She checked in all three rooms and figured the coast was clear and she grabbed the diapers and left. The plan had worked perfectly!

By now it was 4:00, and after the girls had played for hours, it was decided to put an end to this party. Since it was Saturday, the girls had a league soccer game tomorrow and needed their rest and time away from each other. Courtney secretly wanted to get home for something else. As she walked home she felt so excited to diaper herself, but figured it would be smartest to wait until night, when her mom and sister were in bed. As she walked to her house, she was greeted at the door by her mother.

“Hey Court, how was Brittany’s party?”

“It was all right, but I didn’t sleep well, I had a strange dream,” replied the preteen.

“Do you want to talk about it?” asked Mrs. Larson

“No, I’m fine; I’m just going to hang out downstairs,”

“Well you may not want to; your sister is down there with Coryn. I don’t think you’ll want to get involved in their play. Why don’t you go up stairs and get some rest?”

Coryn Baker was Alyssa’s best friend. They were in the same class in the 2nd grade and had known each other since they were real young. Courtney treated Coryn like a sister, but didn’t want to get engaged in their silly games right now.

“That’s fine.”

Courtney made her way up to her room. She had the perfect room for a preteen girl. Since her mother was a lawyer and made a pretty decent salary, she got a lot of the stuff she wanted. She had a cable TV, a radio boombox, and a telephone. She also had a computer that had internet access although her mom had filtered it strongly. But right now she felt the great urge to do something else. Something she thought may be a little naughty. The girl opened her backpack and searched through it. She removed her pajamas, her toothbrush, and the DVD’s she had brought, until she found what she was looking for. Tossing all three diapers onto the ground, she took out a soft purple and white rectangle, and unfolded it. The Pampers Cruiser size 6 had a picture of elmo on it. Courtney undressed on her bed, made sure the door was closed, and started to place the diaper under her butt. Courtney realized why she had dreamt about wearing these. The feeling was so soft and comfortable; it made her feel secure and innocent like a younger child. She reached for the tapes and found them stretch enough where the diaper fit her like a glove. She walked over to her mirror in just her diaper and admired how cute she looked. Then she went over, put her sweatpants back on, layed on her bed and turned off the TV. After watching an episode of Hannah Montana on the Disney channel, Courtney decided to go to the next level. In her dream, her diaper was wet and she wondered what that really felt like. She made her way over to the bathroom sink and drank a couple of glasses of water. She made her way to her computer to play some online games as she waited for the urge to pee to set in. Finally, after about twenty minutes, she felt like she needed to urinate. At first, it was hard for Courtney to wet the diaper.

“I must be too used to using the toilet,” thought the girl.

But after about another 5 minutes, with the clock reading 6:00, a trickle of pee managed to make its way into the diaper, leading to a rush of the rest of the girl’s bladder, filling up the diaper pretty well. To Courtney’s surprise though, it didn’t leak and after a while it felt like she hadn’t even wet it. She took off her sweats and stared at herself in the mirror. The yellowish tint of the diaper and it’s slight sag made it even more appealing to her.

Her state of amazement was halted as she heard her mother’s footsteps up the stairs.

“Shoot,” she thought as she looked at her stereo clock, “It’s 6:30 that means it’s probably dinner time.”

   Courtney ran to get her sweats back on, not even worrying about the diaper, and lay back down on the couch. The steps got louder and louder until a knock on the door was audible.

“What do you want?” questioned Courtney.

“Its dinner time, come down when you’re ready,” replied her mother

“Ok, I’m coming.”

Courtney rushed downstairs, since she hadn’t eaten since lunch at the O’Brien’s, and was starving. The 10 year old girl arrived at the dinner table in a wet diaper, a t-shirt, and sweatpants, totally unaware of the problems that may lie ahead of her in the future.