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The Larson's minivan pulled into their driveway about 15 minutes after they left the school's gym. It was only a little after 3 o'clock, giving the girls ample time to play around. But first some things had to be taken care of. As soon as they got out of the car, Mrs. Larson took all three girls up into Courtney's room, pulled out the portable changing pad she had bought, and opened Courtney's top drawer revealing the open, and about half-full pack of Pampers Cruisers size 6 diapers that were inside. She pulled three diapers out of the bag, and then got the wipes and baby powder out of the same drawer. The older girls then proceeded to watch Alyssa strip down into her obviously soaked diaper, lay down on the mat, and get quicky yet precisely changed by her mom into a fresh diaper before she stood back up, slid her pair of soccer shorts up, and jump onto Courtney's bed to wait for the others to get changed. Courtney was next, as she stripped down into just her panties, which her mother slid off of her when she lay down on the mat, and proceeded to get diapered. Her mother unfolded the fresh Pamper with Elmo on the front, lifted her preteen's daughters bottom up and slid the diaper underneath her. Mrs. Larson then sprinkled some powder in her daughter's diaper area, and pulled up the front of the diaper. She then found the velcro tabs on both sides and stretched them out a little bit, before applying them comfortably, but still pretty tightly, on the front strip of Courtney's diaper. She then slid Courtney's panties down off her ankles, gave her her basketball shorts back, and Courtney stood up and waited for her friend to be changed into a diaper as well. Mrs. Larson went through the exact same procedure with Monica as she did with her daughter, and within a matter of minutes three girls, all who had been potty trained at the age of three, were all back in fresh pampers diapers.

The girls decided to head down to the Larson's finished basement, to just chill out for a little while and watch a little television. Immediately as they got downstairs all three girls proceeded to remove their shorts, revealing eachother's cute baby diapers. After about 15 minutes of hanging out and talking, Courtney and Alyssa's mother came downstairs to give the girls some munchies to snack on, finding the sight of all three girls in just their t-shirts and a diaper to be extremely cute.

"Have I ever told you guys that you are all too cute." She told them with a smirk. All three girls gave an innocent smile and thanked Mrs. Larson for bringing them food.
"Hey, can I get you guys anything to drink?" Mrs. Larson continued.
"You know what that's gonna do mommy!" Courtney commented jokingly looking down at her dry diaper.
"I know, but that's why your wearing that honey. So what can I get y'guys."
"Um mommy," Courtney responded reluctantly, "I want some apple juice, but can you put it in a bottle or a sippy cup?"
Mrs. Larson had thought that her daughter's were going to start wanting bottles to drink out of, they had been sucking pacifiers at night constantly, so she had stocked up on bottles and sippy cups.
"Sure honey, I figured you'd start wanting your drinks in a bottle, especially since your in diapers. What about you two, do you want a bottle of apple juice too?"
Monica nodded her head, while Alyssa responded, "Can I have a bottle of milk, mommy!"
"Okay honey, I'll be right back with your bottles, cuties. Have fun!"

Within 5 minutes Mrs. Larson came downstairs with three baby bottles in her hands, two filled with apple juice and the third filled with milk. If one had saw this order of drinks that Mrs. Larson would serving up, they would never in a million years think they were for girls ranging in age from 7 to 10.

"Thanks so much, mommy!" Courtney exclaimed, and her diapered self gave her mother a hug. Mrs. Larson smiled and headed back up stairs. The three girls all picked up their bottles and began sucking on the nipple like they had done when they were only 1 or 2 years old. As they continued with their talking, munching, and bottle-drinking, the idea of the party came up. Monica told her friends exactly who she was thinking about inviting, and after some thought and discussion the girls pulled out a note-pad and began to jot down some names of people to invite, which read like this:

"So, do you guys want to start making some calls?" Courtney suggested.
"Yeah, where should we go?" Monica asked.
"Prolly upstairs to my mommy's office, she's got a computer and a phone we can use." Courtney responded
"Okay, let's go." said Monica, and the three girls slid their shorts back on over their diapers just in case and headed upstairs. Mrs. Larson saw the girls right as they got up the stairs from the basement and asked where they were going. Courtney asked her if it was okay if they used her office to make calls for the party, and Mrs. Larson agreed.

"Oh, girls, wait a second," Mrs. Larson stopped them as they started heading up to the 2nd floor, "Do any of you need a change, I don't want you leaking all over my furniture!"

Courtney and Monica had both wet a little bit, but knew that they could hold another wetting and did not need a change right away. Alyssa was dry as well, so all three girls said they did not need a change. Mrs. Larson, although trusting that Monica, her guest, was being honest, wasn't sure about her daughter's so she put her hand on the back of their shorts for a diaper check. She felt that her older daughter was in fact slightly wet, but she knew that she didn't need a change. Her mother could tell Alyssa was obviously dry, and the three girls headed up the stairs to the small office.

Courtney sat down in her mother's main office chair in front of the computer, as her sister and friend pulled chairs up next to her. Courtney logged on to the computer, and loaded AIM, letting Monica sign into her name, as she figured that some of the people they were planning on inviting were not on Courtney's friends list, but were on Monica's. Right off the bat, Monica noticed that her friend from the 4th grade, Nicole, was online, as was Emily Grant from their soccer team, two girls who they had considered inviting. Monica decided to go for it with Nicole right away, and let Courtney deal with Emily, who was in her grade. Monica sent Nicole an AIM message, and Nicole responded quickly with a "wassup". Monica said that she was throwing a sleepover party in a couple weeks, and that Nicole was invited. She then went on to say that there was something special about the party, that she wanted to tell her only by phone. Monica picked up the phone and dialed Nicole's house number, where her friend was expecting the call.

"Hey Monnie, so you're throwin' a party! Sounds like fun girl!" Nicole said as she answered. Nicole had known Monica since 1st grade, when they were in the same class, and they lived only about two streets away from eachother. Nicole was the daughter of a Puerto Rican father, and an Italian mother, making for her beautiful tan skin and brown hair, to go along with her slim, but not short frame. As well as they had known eachother throught their lives, though, Nicole really had no clue about Monica's secrets.

"Yeah! Well since Hannah's moving, and I'm turning 10 both in this month, we figured we'd have kind of a half-celebration, half-moving away party that we'd remember forever. Kind of a thing to make sure we remember Hannah when she moves."
"Sounds awesome, well not that Hannah's moving, that sucks, but the party sounds really, really cool! You told me there was something special I needed to know about it, though. Is it a suprise party?"
"Well no, not exactly. Well you see, I don't think I've ever told you this, but I kind of wet the bed most nights."
"Oh, well I've slept over your house a couple times before, Mon, and I could never tell. I really don't care though."
"Yeah, well you're gonna be able to tell this time."
"Okay, this is gonna seem really wierd and you might not like me anymore, but," Monica could barely get her words out she was so embarrassed, "okay, well for my bedwetting, I wear baby diapers to bed."
"Come on girl, that's not something that's gonna make me not like you anymore, are you kidding me, we're BFF's."
"Yeah, but this might. Well, me and a couple of my friends who are going to be at the party kind of like wearing diapers. It's wierd."
"So, um, at the party, well, some of us, we're kinda gonna wear diapers all night. You don't need to wear one, or even come, if you don't wanna, I know it's really wierd, but Hannah likes it too and she's not gonna be able to wear 'em when she moves." Monica was almost in tears.
"Oh, Monnie, that is a little different, but I don't think I'll really care. I'll still be there, who else is coming, it's gonna be a blast.?" Nicole responded politely, picking up on the fragilty of her friend. She wasn't exactly sure what she was getting into though.
"Well I dunno I you know Courtney and Alyssa Larson, but they wear diapers sometimes too, just don't tell anyone, and I'm gonna invite Julia too and a few other people. You sure you wanna come?"
"Of course, girlfriend. I'll be there."

Both girls exchanged goodbyes before Monica hung up the phone. She found it somewhat ironic that she had completely soaked her diaper during the phone conversation, and was in need for a change soon, she looked over at Courtney who was talking with Emily online.

"Where'd 'Lissy go?" asked Monica who had noticed Alyssa walk out of the room right in the middle of her phone conversation with Nicole.
"Oh, I think she was going to get changed. She had a number 2." The two girls exchanged a little chuckle.
"Well, have you asked Emily yet?" Monica asked.
"Yeah, she said she'd like to come. She's not sure if she's gonna wear diapers all night, but she needs one at night cuz of her bedwetting anyways. It seems like she's really opening up to this whole thing. You wet?"
"Yeah I'm soaked, you wanna go get changed, and we'll come back to this later." Monica agreed and the two girls walked down the hallway, and poked their heads inside Alyssa's room, where Courtney saw her sister pulling up her sweatpants over her fresh diaper, and seeing her mother dispose of the wipes and dirty diaper into the diaper pail they had set up.

"You guys now? You sure I'm not getting payed for this?" Mrs. Larson asked jokingly and the three girls all chuckled. She went into Alyssa's drawer and pulled out two diapers from her bag, and tossed them onto the floor. Courtney layed down to get changed first and Monica second, and within about a minute both girls were out of their soaked diapers and into fresh ones. All three girls headed back to Mrs. Larson's office in dry diapers, excited, but nervous about the party that they were planning.