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Courtney arrived at the dinner table excited for her dinner, not even realizing that she was wearing a Pampers diaper under her soccer sweats.

   “Whatch we havin’, mom?” asked Courtney

   “Roast chicken with broccoli and carrots, honey,” replied her mother

   “Ugh, chicken again, we have that like every night,” to the Larson girls it seemed like they had chicken every night. They weren’t particularly fond of the bird as food, but their mother had a ton a recipies for it and made it at least once a week.

   At that moment, two younger girls, one a beautiful blond with golden blue eyes, and the other a brunette with dark eyes appearing to be similar to the older girl at the table, rumbled up the stairs and arrived at the dinner table.

   “Mommy, we had chicken Wednesday night. I wanted a cheeseburger,” demanded the brunette.

   “Coryn, is it ok with you if we have chicken. It’s a new recipie I found on line?” questioned Mrs. Larson.

   “You know I like chicken Mrs. Larson, its ok with me,” replied the blond.

   “Well, girls, chicken it is.” said the mother victoriously, “Guest’s choice.”

   The three girls sat down to the dinner table and began eating. Mrs. Larson first asked Coryn and Alyssa what they were doing downstairs and how school was for both of them. Then, she began asking Courtney about the party.

   “So, what really happened in that dream you had? You can tell me Court,” asked Mrs. Larson.

   “I really don’t wanna talk about…shoot!” At that moment, Courtney realized what she was wearing under her pants. The pampers cruiser she was wearing was wet, but she could barely feel it. She had forgotten it was there.

   “What’s wrong, honey. Was the dream that scary?” Mrs. Larson was really starting to worry that this dream her daughter had was really traumatizing her.

   “No it’s not that,” Courtney responded, “Can I be excused please? Um, I forgot to… call Brittany and thank her for throwing such a fun party.”

   Mrs. Larson knew that wasn’t why Courtney wanted to be excused, but she let the girl go upstairs anyway. She knew her daughter was maturing quickly, and that she didn’t need to get involved in all of her business anymore. If Alyssa had bolted up from the table like that, she would have stopped her, but she knew that Courtney was old enough to take care of things herself.

   Courtney, on the other hand, was freaking out about the whole situation. She was paranoid that her mother was following behind her as she quickly dashed back up to her room. She saw the other two diapers on the ground and let out a sigh of relief.

   “What if my mom walked into my room with these on the floor? What would she have thought?” wondered the girl.

   Courtney quickly stripped down to just a diaper, and then quickly removed it. She then, threw a pair of panties on and walked to the bathroom to clean herself. She took a towel and rinsed it and wiped herself off with it. She proceeded back to her room, where she threw her sweats back on, and hid the used diaper, along with her other diapers in her bedroom closet, where her mom would hopefully never look. She would dispose of them later when no one was watching, but she would definitely never wear the unused ones. Way too risky! Realizing that her mother would probably check to see if she was calling Brittany, she picked up her phone and dialed her friend’s number. She got a busy signal, so she hung up and went back downstairs. 

   Meanwhile, at the O’Brien household, Brittany was using the phone. Monica had called to thank her for the party, and they ended up talking for a while. After a pretty long conversation about girl stuff, Mrs. O’Brien wanted Brittany off the phone, so Britt began to say goodbye.

   “Monica, I need to go. See you at the game tomorrow.”

   “Hey Britt, I wanted to ask you something. Do you want to sleep over my house on Friday? We have a game at noon on Saturday, and we can give you a ride in the morning.”

   Brittany had never been over Monica’s, let alone slept over, but Brittany always loved a good sleepover. “That sounds fun. I’ll go ask my mom,” she replied.

   “MOM!!! Monica wants me to sleep over Friday,” shouted Brittany down the stairs, at about the same amount of decibels as a heavy metal concert.

   Mrs. O’Brien appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “That’s fine with me, I’ll bring you there for 5:00.”

   Brittany ran back to the phone. “Monica, I can come. My mom’s dropping me off at five,” she said excitedly
   “Okay, that’s fine Britt, see ya,” responded Monica. She was excited that Brittany was sleeping over, but was afraid about something else.

Brittany arrived at Monica’s at 5:00, the next Friday. The girls were expected to be in bed by 10:00, so they could get a good night’s sleep. The team had won their first soccer game the Sunday before, 8-1, but they played a better team tomorrow, and Monica’s mom didn’t want their coach mad at her for letting them stay up all night. Monica had an older brother named Erick, but he was out with his friends and wasn’t getting back till late. Erick played soccer, but unlike Brittany’s brother Michael, who was a year younger, didn’t follow the girl’s sports as closely.

After hanging out and watching TV in the basement for about an hour, Brittany realized she needed to use the bathroom. She asked Monica where the closest one was, and Monica responded saying that there were none in the basement, and the one on the main floor was being repaired. She told Brittany she would have to go upstairs, and that it was in the 3rd door on the left.

   When Brittany got all the way upstairs, she walked through the hallway, and walked into what she thought the bathroom was. When she opened the door though, she was surprised. The room she had entered was obviously Monica’s room. It had a poster of David Beckham (Monica’s crush) on the wall, and a picture of their soccer team on the desk. Above the pink bed was the name Monica. But the most intriguing part of the room was in the corner. There she saw what looked to be a plastic mat, and on top of it was a package of Huggies Supreme size 6 diapers. Brittany thought this was strange, but doesn’t think much of it and walks to the next door and uses the bathroom.

   At about 9:30, Monica’s mom suggested that the girls get ready for bed. Monica had been dreading this point all night. She wanted to get dressed in private, and hoped that Brittany wouldn’t suspect anything. Monica asked Brittany if she wanted to stay in the basement to change, and that she was going upstairs to her room to get her pajamas on. Brittany quickly changed into a pink pajama top and blue Abercrombie sweats, and waited for Monica to come down. After about 10 minutes Monica came back down. Her mother was right behind her. The 9 year old Italian-looking brunette was wearing a green top with very baggy sweatpants. Monica’s mother told the girls to turn the lights and TV off and go to sleep. Monica slept on the pull out couch, while Brittany slept in her basketball sleeping bag. After talking for about an hour about boys, soccer, and other “girl stuff”, they decided they’d better rest, and both girls dozed off.

   Brittany woke up at about 6:30, which was pretty normal for her. Brittany could not get herself to sleep late, and when she wasn’t at her own house she slept even worse. Bored out of her mind because Monica was still sleeping, Brittany grabbed the remote control off of the pull-out couch Monica was sleeping on and turned on the TV. “Jimmy Neutron” was on, and she decided to watch it. About a half-hour later, Monica woke up. Wanting to watch the music videos on VH1, she leaned over the bed and grabbed the remote out of her friend’s hand.

   “Hey, I was watching that,” said Brittany, in the kind of tone that is jokingly angry. She jumped onto the couch and started wrestling the brunette for control of the remote. After a long battle, the remote popped out of the girls’ hands and off the bed. Monica, caught up in all the fun, leaned over to get the remote. As she did this Brittany saw something she thought was intriguing.

“Monica, are you wearing, um, like a diaper?”