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“Monica, are you um, like wearing a diaper,” Brittany asked. Brittany had caught a glimpse of the white thicker undergarment when Monica had reached off of the pull out couch she had slept on, to get the remote control the girls had been fighting over.

“No, um, no way! Why would you think that?” replied Monica nervously as she pulled up the back of her pants, “No one our age wears diapers!”

“Monica, I really don’t care about it. I have a brother who wears diapers at home. I’m used to it!” said Brittany in a caring tone.

“But, I don’t wear diapers, why do you even think that?” Monica responded. She knew Brittany knew her secret, but still denied it in case Brittany would just give up her interrogation soon, as unlikely as that seemed.

“Okay, I saw the package of Huggies in your room when I went to the bathroom yesterday, and I think I just saw it sticking out of your pants. I really don’t care at all Monica. We’re friends; you should be able to tell me these things,”

Brittany’s evidence was the final straw for Monica. She didn’t want to lose a friend by lying to her, and if Brittany was a real friend she would stick to her promise and not tease her about it.

“I confess. I do wear diapers to bed because I wet the bed. I haven’t been able to stay dry at night since I was 6. The doctors say it’s normal, but I don’t know any other girl my age who wears Huggies or Pampers,” she replied.

“Can I ask you one question?” Brittany asked, “Are you wet right now?” Brittany was confused about the whole thing, and when she didn’t know every answer she didn’t ever hesitate to ask questions.”

“Yeah,” replied the 4th grader, “I wet while I slept, I almost always do. My mom says I have to wear diapers until I stay dry three straight nights, and then I can move to pull-ups. If I finish the week dry, I can go back to panties!”

“Does it even fit? These diapers fit my brother perfectly, how can they fit you? Can I see it? How does it feel to be wet? Does your mom…” Brittany’s bombardment of questions was interrupted.

“Monica”, called a voice from the top of the stairs, “It’s time to get dressed. I’ve got you’re clothes up here.” Monica and her mother had developed a plan to hide her diapers from her friends when they slept over. They always stayed out of her room, which was where her mom changed her into and out of her diaper, and then she would always get changed upstairs while her friend would stay downstairs. They developed this because Monica loved having sleepovers but only two, now three, of her closest friends knew about her issue.

“It’s okay mom. Brittany knows about my diapers. She’s fine with it,” replied Monica.

“Well do you want to get changed now or later?” asked her mother, “I won’t interrupt your time right now if you don’t want to be changed.”

“I’ll get changed later mom, I’m not that wet anyways.”

Monica wasn’t lying about being not very wet. She hadn’t wet much during her sleep, and most of the wetness had been very well soaked up by the diaper anyways. But, right after her mother stopped talking and walked away, Monica let the rest of her overnight urine out, making her already wet diaper soaked, but not leaking.

“Why don’t you wanna get changed? Doesn’t that wet diaper feel yucky,” Brittany asked.

“Actually, I kinda like the feeling of a wet diaper. Sometimes on weekends, my mom lets me stay in it until lunch time, and I walk around the house in just my diaper and a tank top. My brother thinks I’m weird, but wearing a diaper really feels good.”

“Well, whatever you say. So can I see it?” Brittany replied. She was somewhat surprised that Monica admitted she liked wearing diapers.

Monica removed the sweatpants to reveal a very wet Huggies Supreme size 6 diapers with Winnie the Pooh on the front strip. Although it was a little tight, it seemed to fit the girl pretty well. Brittany started to wonder what wearing a diaper really felt like.

“You’re soaked! You lied to your mother, bad Monica!” Brittany said jokingly. Monica knew she had an answer to that.

“Actually I really didn’t wet much last night. I just wet again a few minutes ago. I had to pee, so I just went,” Monica was starting to warm up to the situation. She put her hand to the front of her diaper and said, “You can feel it, it’s still warm.”

Brittany reluctantly felt the diaper. It was warm, and obvious that Monica had just wet it again. “Wow, it is still warm. Do you usually wet after you wake up?”

“Sometimes. It depends on how badly I need to go. If I let most of it go overnight, I just wait for my mom to change me. But If I really need to go, I just let loose. Sometimes my diaper leaks, which isn’t fun. Especially these Huggies, they leak easy. My mom usually buys Pampers, but Huggies were on sale,” she replied, “Hey, do you want to try wearing one? My mom will change you into one. That’s what she does when my best friend Hannah comes over to sleep over. She only wears diapers when she’s at my house, and we have a diaper party.”

“I don’t know, Monica. It’s already morning. I don’t want your mom to think I’m weird, and I don’t want to risk anyone finding out about it. Maybe another time, but I just don’t think I’d enjoy it as much as you.”

Brittany was really curious about wearing a diaper. But, she didn’t want to be changed by Monica’s mom. That would just be awkward!

After Brittany rejected Monica’s offer, they got off the topic of diapers. Monica had stripped down to just a diaper and t-shirt, but they never got back on the topic. They watched a couple hours of music videos while talking about more “girl stuff”. It was a little awkward for Brittany though because Monica was sitting there with a wet baby diaper in plain view.

   The girls did have a soccer game they had to be at by 12:00, so their social time had to come to a close some time. Monica’s mom came down at about 10:30 to tell the girls to get ready. She brought Monica’s clothes from upstairs and the plastic changing mat from upstairs, along with baby powder and wipes.

   “Monica, I figured you didn’t want to go all the way upstairs to get changed so I brought your stuff down here. I’m sure Brittany won’t mind watching me changing you down here.”

   Monica’s mother lay down the mat and told her daughter to lay down on it. She gently untaped the sides of her soaked diaper and pulled it out from under her.

   “Wow, this one’s soaked. Good thing it didn’t leak like these usually do!” Monica’s mom teased.

   As she spoke, she continued to do her business. She rolled up the diaper and grabbed a wife and started to wipe of the private area of her daughter. Then she powdered her up and put her into a pair of panties.

   “Okay, go change into your soccer uniforms girls and be up here by 11:10. You need to be there early for the game, it should be very exciting.”

   Brittany was excited for the game, but also was anxious to get to the field. Although she didn’t mind her friend’s “issue”, it was a bit uncomfortable for her and she was ready for it to be over. But it did give her something to tell Courtney at the game.