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It had been a very strange morning for Brittany. She had just witnessed one of her best friends being so open, maybe too open, about a problem that she had wanted to cover up at first. Seeing Monica lying around in just a soaking wet diaper and her t-shirt for the whole morning was a bit awkward for Brittany. As the girls got in the car to head off for their soccer game, Brittany was silent. She was still trying to soak in the morning. In a way she wanted to see what Monica liked so much about wearing and wetting diapers, but she didn’t think she’d have the same feelings as Monica. In her eyes diapers were for babies, and wearing one above age 3 was gross. But, the intense curiosity Brittany was known to have, made her want to see if Monica was really right.

   After being in the car for about 20 minutes (they were playing about 30 minutes away in a nearby town), Brittany had still not talked much. Knowing her friend was usually an extremely talkative person, Monica was worried. She started to realize that she may have gone too far this morning and put her friend in an uncomfortable situation. I mean, she did let her mother change her out of a wet diaper in full view in front of her older friend like she was a two year old. The excitement of her friend being so understanding about her diapers probably had led her to go a bit overboard with how open she was about it. Only two of her friends, before Brittany, that had slept over her house ever found out about the diapers, and one of them hasn’t talked to Monica since. When Monica saw how accepting Brittany was, she decided that she could be as open as she was around her other friend Hannah.

Hannah Shaffer was Monica’s best friend and knew everything about Monica’s bedwetting. When Monica told her, she became very curious and asked to wear a diaper. Monica’s mother accepted and ever since Hannah has worn diapers at the Schick household. Now, when she comes over for sleepovers, Mrs. Schick, Monica’s mother, changes both Hannah and Monica into a diaper when she gets there and they wear them until Hannah leaves. This usually calles for 2-3 diaper changes per girl, but Mrs. Shick really doesn’t mind it because she has gotten so accustomed to it.

When they arrived at the suburban middle school that they were playing, Monica figured she had to talk to her friend.

“Brittany, can I talk to you?” Monica asked as they walked to the field. “I realize that my ‘issue’ may be a bit uncomfortable and I’m sorry I let it go to far today. It’s just that one of my friends likes to wear diapers with me during sleepovers, and I hoped you would to. But, I don’t care that you don’t want to, and if you ever want to sleep over again, I’ll be sure to try to hide my diapers as much as possible from you.”

Brittany managed to get some words out. “Thanks, Monica. I just really didn’t expect you to be that open about it and let your mom change you in front of me. I honestly don’t care at all about your problem, but today I’ll admit I was a bit uncomfortable. I’d love to sleep over again if you just let me ease into the scenario a little better.”

The girls hugged, and Brittany was her old, spunky self again. When the girls reached the field, they saw some of their teammates there warming up. The two girls ran across the field, dropped their backpacks, stripped off their sweatsuit to reveal their game uniforms, and ran onto the field. As Monica went to go talk to some of the other girls on the team, Brittany saw Courtney working on her almost perfect shot. Courtney was easily the best scorer on the team. With her blazing speed and perfect shot, she averaged about 1-2 goals per game. Brittany and Monica were both very talented (especially Monica who was a year younger than the rest of the team), but neither were anywhere as good as Courtney.

Anyways, Brittany being the blabber mouth that she was, just had to tell someone about the morning she had just had, and she figured Courtney was the girl she trusted the most not to spread it anymore.

“Hey, Court. Whatcha doin’,” she asked, trying to instigate a conversation. Courtney was so intense on game days that she was almost like a different person.

“Not much, just working on my shot. Pine Grotto is a pretty tough team, and we’re going to have to play our bests to beat them,” Courtney replied. As usual she was not in the mood to talk about social things, but rather about their upcoming game.

“Hey, I slept over Monica’s last night,” Brittany responded. She knew eventually she would get Courtney’s attention if she kept talking.

“Cool, how was it? Is her house big?” Courtney turned her attention to the conversation with Brittany. There was still 20 minutes before the game was scheduled to start and she wanted to know about Brittany’s sleepover. After all, she was getting to be much better friends with Monica, and wanted to make sure a sleepover at her place was worthwile.

“Well, let’s just say it was interesting.” Brittany responded. She went on to tell the whole story about the Huggies in Monica’s room, the diaper poking out of her sweats in the morning, and her being changed on the basement floor in front of Brittany by her mom. This intrigued Courtney, who although she hadn’t worn a diaper since that one night she almost got caught, still thought about wearing one of the other diapers that she had left.

“And you know the weirdest part,” Brittany said after reciting the rest of the story, “The weirdest part was that she asked me if I wanted to wear one too. She said that she had another friend who wore diapers when she slept over and wondered whether I would too.”

“Weird,” Courtney replied. Obviously Courtney didn’t think it was as weird as Brittany did. Instead, she now wanted to sleep over Monica’s house so she could get Mrs. Schick to let her wear diapers for the night. She needed a plan, and had an idea. She was going to invite Monica over after the game, and eventually lead in to the conversation she had with Brittany today. Then, Courtney thought, things would start to get interesting.