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The game started, but neither Courtney nor Brittany had their heads in the game. Both were thinking about Monica, but they both had different reasons to do so. Courtney was thinking about how she could get Monica to invite her over for a sleepover, because she wanted to wear diapers like Monica’s other friend. But Brittany, on the other hand, was still perplexed over Monica’s situation. She had seen her little brother run around the house in a baby diaper many times, but she never thought a girl her age could or would ever wear one, like she had seen with Monica.

Although the girls were not focused, they were still able to pull of a 3-1 victory. Courtney scored 2 goals, and had the assist on the third one. Their coach was not pleased with her performance though, as she didn’t seem to have the usual spark that she was known to have. Courtney, at this time, didn’t care much about the game. She walked over to Monica to invite her over.

“Hey Monica, I was wondering if you wanted to come to my house now?” she asked.

Monica, who was very tired from the sleepover and knew having another playdate would not be a good idea responded, “Sorry, Court, I’d love to, but I had a sleepover last night and need to rest for the game tomorrow.”

Courtney knew she was with her father tomorrow and couldn’t have a playdate with Monica then, but she didn’t want to talk to her about this at practice or over the phone, or worse wait until next weekend, so she decided to get it over with now.

“Monica, can I talk to you for a second?” Courtney questioned as she pulled her teammate aside, “I talked to Brittany about the sleepover you guys had last night.”

“Yeah, what about it,” Monica responded. She just realized that Brittany would not have been able to keep her “problem” a secret for long, and Courtney probably knew about it by now.

“Um, she told me about your little ‘issue’,” replied Courtney. “Is it really true that you wear diapers at night? If you do I really don’t care I just want to know.”

Monica didn’t want to tell anyone else, but since it seemed like Courtney already knew a lot about it, and she didn’t seem to care she responded, “Well, yeah, I do. I’ve wet my bed for a long time and wearing diapers to bed is the only way I can keep my sheets dry.”
Courtney knew this was her time to say something, “Well, I kind of have something to tell you. I kind of, have been wanting to wear diapers too. Brittany said you thought they felt good and I’ve always been curious about them. Do they really feel good?” She didn’t want to tell her about the diaper she had already worn because she didn’t want to seem that desperate.

Although she didn’t show it, Monica was ecstatic. What she hadn’t told Brittany was that Hannah was moving to North Carolina around the holidays and she wanted to find someone else who would wear diapers with her. She really hoped Courtney was the one.

   “Wow, um I guess I can invite you over one night and you can try one. My mom just has a rule that when we are in diapers for the night, we have to use them for both number 1 and 2 and she will change us,” Monica was interrupted by the call of Mrs. Larson. She was wondering what was taking so long and for Courtney to hurry up.

   As Courtney started to walk towards her mother, she told Monica, “Call me; I’d love to do that sometime.” As they left the field, both girls were really excited, but also anxious for that sleepover they had planned for the near future.

   The ride home in the Larson car wasn’t anything special. Alyssa was with Coryn’s parents at their soccer game in another town, so it was just Courtney and her mother. Mrs. Larson asked why Monica couldn’t come over and why they were talking for so long. Courtney told her that Monica said she was tired from a sleepover she had, and they had to talk about some normal “girl stuff”.

   When they arrived home, Courtney felt a sudden urge to wear another diaper. She knew she still had the three Pampers Cruisers in her closet, and figured she could spend some time in her room this afternoon wearing them. She told her mother that she was going to her room to relax and watch TV. She knew that wasn’t what she was going to be doing, but headed upstairs anyways. When she arrived in her room, she went right to the spot in her walk-in closet where she had hidden the diapers. When she took off all the stuff she had covered them with to hide them, she was very surprised to see nothing there. She was more bummed out about not being able to wear a diaper this afternoon than nervous as to why they weren’t there, and the thought of someone else seeing them there never really entered her mind.

   After a couple hours of watching Nickelodeon on her Cable TV, she heard the phone ring. It was Monica. After talking for a little while Monica told her that her mother had said it would be okay for the girls to have a sleepover on Saturday night of next weekend. The girls had an off day that Sunday, and figured they could spend the whole morning together instead of rushing off to a soccer game. After getting approval from her mother, Courtney asked Monica about the diapers. Monica replied that she had things under control and her mom knew. Although Courtney was getting really excited for a whole night in diapers she was nervous about Monica’s mother changing her, using the diaper for both things, and worst of all, having Monica or her mother spread the news.

   The girls stayed undefeated by winning the next day 6-0. Again Courtney shined, scoring 4 goals and playing great on all ends of the field. Her coach even put her in at goalie at the end of the game. After the game, Courtney spent the day with her father and sister, and they went to see a movie. Following a rather uneventful week at school and practice, and a boring Saturday morning soccer game in which the girls won

   Courtney arrived at Monica’s house at about 6:00, after showering and doing some homework after the game. When she got there Monica’s mother talked to Mrs. Larson for a little while as Monica and Courtney set their things up downstairs. After about 5 minutes of talking Mrs. Schick called the girls upstairs. Both girls knew what this meant, and Courtney began to question what she was doing. She was 10 years old, why did she want to wear a diaper so bad? The girls walked all the way up to Monica’s room where Courtney saw an opened package of Huggies Supreme size 6 diapers with about 4 left, and an unopened package of Pampers Baby Dry size 6.

   “I figured you girls would need more than the 4 diapers that were left, so I went out and bought another pack. Monica was low anyways, so don’t worry about it Courtney. Now, are you sure you girls want to do this tonight?” asked Mrs. Schick

   Monica replied yes very enthusiastically, which followed by a reluctant yes from Courtney.

   “Now who wants to go first,” Monica’s mother asked as she set up the changing pad she used for Monica.

   “I will mommy,” her 9 year old daughter responded. Courtney watched as Mrs. Schick took out one of the Huggies diapers and placed it under her daughters behind. She then pulled up the front and taped the diaper shut. It seemed like it fit her pretty good, and Courtney figured it would fit her the same because she was about the same size as her friend.

   Monica’s mother then told Courtney that she should strip down to just her panties. Mrs. Schick took out another diaper and told Courtney to lie down on the mat. A strong mix of emotions hit Courtney as she knew this was the moment she had been waiting for. Monica’s mom removed her panties and quickly, so Courtney was not too embarrassed being naked in front of her friend, put the diaper on her. Wearing the diaper gave Courtney such a sense of innocence, comfort and security that she had always wanted. It was so exciting to look down and see a baby diaper with Winnie the Pooh on the cover and then look over to see her friend wearing the same thing.

   Monica’s mother told the girls to put their tank tops back on and go downstairs without pants on. The two girls trotted downstairs with just a diaper and tank top, excited for what the rest of the night was to bring them.