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Both girls continued down both flights of stairs to get to the basement, where they were going to stay most of the night. Monica had all her sleepovers down the basement because it was the perfect playroom. There was a big-screen television, a working computer, Monica’s Gamecube, and a bunch of empty room to do what ever they wanted. Monica ran to the refrigerator and got two cokes for the girls to have. The party was ready to start!

Courtney and Monica decided to play Mario Kart on the Gamecube first. This was Monica’s favorite game, and although Courtney didn’t have the system, she had gotten pretty good at the game by playing it at Brittany’s many times. After about a half-hour, Courtney was actually winning most of the time. It wasn’t until about an hour of playing Gamecube, and after having two cokes, that Courtney started to feel like she had to go to the bathroom.

“Um, Monica, I’m supposed to go to the bathroom in this thing, right,” she asked her friend.

“Yup, my mommy won’t let us use the potty during nights when we’re in diapers for the night. Look, I’m already wet,” Monica replied. Courtney looked down to see Monica’s Huggie was drooping a bit, and show a slight tint of yellow. For a second, Courtney contemplated giving up on the diapers and just having a normal sleepover, but the reason she was here was to wear a diaper. Also, she didn’t want her friend to be upset that she’d given up on her.

The girls started another race and Courtney won again. It seemed like no matter what she was doing, Courtney always won at everything she did. By the time the race was over, Courtney really had to go to the bathroom. She told Monica to wait a second before starting the next race, and really focused on letting go in her diaper. This time, it didn’t take as long as two weeks ago, when she had tried on one of Brittany’s brothers diapers.  She only waited about 30 seconds before the flow of urine began to rush into her diaper. Monica noticed it and spoke up.

“Hey, did you just pee yourself?” she asked.

“Um, yeah,” Courtney responded, “Wearing a wet diaper feels so much better than a dry one.”

“I know. That’s why I like to stay in mine for as long as possible in the morning. I just love that squishy feeling you get when you sit down on it. Do you want to get changed? Because I can call my mommy to come change us if you want.”

No, I’d much rather stay in this for as long as I can.”

Courtney’s diaper was much wetter than Monica’s, and she kept feeling it to feel how wet it really was. The girls decided to stop playing and to just watch television for a little while. They turned on some Disney Channel movie and began watching it. Courtney stood up and sat back down on one of the chairs. The wetness of her diaper squished up against her bottom, and Courtney really enjoyed the feeling of sitting down on her diaper.
Monica actually jumped onto the pull-out bed with her diaper, and landed right on her butt. She really enjoyed the feeling of that as well, but already knew how good it felt because of her past experiences.

   After watching about a half hour of the movie, making the clock read about 8:30. Mrs. Schick came downstairs with a medium pizza for the girls to split. When she put the pizza down on the coffee table, she noticed the wetness of both girls’ diapers, and realized they were both in great need of a change. (Monica had wet her diaper again since they had started watching the movie and now was even wetter than her friend.) Mrs. Schick told the girls that she would be right back down for a diaper change. Both girls grabbed a piece of pizza and continued watching the movie.

   Mrs. Schick came back down in about 5 minutes with the last two Huggies diapers, a package of Pampers baby wipes, and some Johnson’s baby powder. She asked the girls who was in a bigger need for a change, and Monica responded that it was her.

   “Okay honey, you can go first,” Mrs. Schick responded in a gentle tone. Monica laid down and her mother undid the tabs and removed the diaper. Gently, she then wiped her daughter’s private area clean of urine and powdered her daughter up.

   “Mommy,” Monica asked, “Why do you hafta wipe and powder us? I didn’t poop yet.”

   Courtney wondered the same thing. She thought baby wipes were only used to clean off a poopy bottom, but Mrs. Schick was using them for Monica, who had only wet her diaper.

   “Well sweetie, I don’t want you guys to get a diaper rash. If I don’t clean up the pee-pee, then you will get a rash and it won’t feel very good,” answered Mrs. Schick.

   Courtney hadn’t thought of that. Could she really get a diaper rash? She figured that having Mrs. Schick wipe her off would be probably a pretty good idea.

   After Mrs. Schick finished taping the new diaper onto Monica, she told Courtney to come over. As good as this wet diaper had felt, she was kind of excited to get changed into a dry one because it was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. Mrs. Schick undid Courtney’s diaper, plopped it on the ground, and started to wipe and powder her daughter’s friend.

   “You want to wear another diaper, right?” she asked.

   “Yeah,” Courtney responded. Mrs. Schick took the last Huggies diaper and slid it under Courtney’s bottom. After securing the tabs and making sure the diaper fit like a glove, she let Courtney go.

    “Let me know if either of you need a change,” she told the girls. “I’ll be back down at about 10 to see if you need to be changed and to put you to bed.” 

   “Okay, mommy,” Monica replied. The girls were ready for another hour and a half of fun.

   After finishing the Disney movie they were watching, and eating about 3 pieces of pizza, Courtney felt like she needed to go to the bathroom again. But, this time, she didn’t have to just pee. She had never pooped before in a diaper since she was 2, and figured this was the time to try it. She calmed her self down, and place herself on the chair so most of her diapered butt was hanging off, making it easier to release her bowels. She started to push, and Monica realized what she was doing.

   “Courtney, are you doing number 2?” she asked.

   Courtney stopped trying for a second to tell her friend. “Yeah, I’m supposed to, right.”

   “Yeah, like I said we aren’t supposed to go potty in the toilet all night and morning. That means going either number 1 or 2. I’ve pooped my diaper lots of times when Hannah’s over,” Monica replied.

   When Courtney got the okay from her friend, she continued to try. After a couple more seconds, she was able to get a decent load into her pants. She pushed again and got most of the rest out. Suddenly the room began to stink, and the two girls knew that Courtney’s diaper needed to be changed immediately.

   “MOOOOOOOOM!!!!” Monica shouted up the stairs, “Courtney needs a diaper change, really bad!!”

   Courtney sat back down on the chair and felt the poop mush up against her behind. She was embarrassed to have to have her poopy diaper changed, especially since she had just mushed it around even more by sitting down on it. After a few minutes of the room smelling bad, Mrs. Schick came down with two Pampers Baby Dry diapers, and the package of wipes and powder.

   “I don’t need to be changed mommy, I’m still pretty dry,” Monica told her mother when she saw the two diapers, “but Courtney’s poopy. Can you change her please?”

   “Trust me Monica, I can smell it. Okay Courtney, lay down, I’ll get you out of this gross diaper,” Mrs. Schick responded. After Courtney got changed, Monica’s mother walked over to her daughter to check her diaper.
   “You are a little wet honey. You sure you don’t want to be changed now,” she told her daughter.

   “No mommy, I’m fine, I wanna stay in this diaper for a little while,” Monica responded. Then Monica’s mother told Courtney she had to ask her something.

   “Courtney, I was looking at your soccer schedule, and I saw that you girls have a big Columbus day tournament in upstate New York over that long weekend. We were planning to go to Boston for the weekend, but Monica really wants to go to the tournament. Do you think your mother will take her?”

   “Prolly,” Courtney responded, “I think we’re taking Brittany too, so I’m sure she won’t mind someone else. You should call her though to make sure.”

   Monica’s mother went back upstairs to leave the girls alone for a while, only to come back down in about a half an hour to put the girls to bed and change their diapers. Neither girl had wet since she was last down, but she changed Monica to make sure her diaper didn’t leak when she wet it overnight. After the girls watched TV and talked for a while, they both drifted off to sleep, after each having one of the greatest nights of their young lives.