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Courtney woke up at around 6:00 in the morning, disorientated. She looked around the room to see Monica sleeping in just her Pampers diaper, and then looked down to see herself wearing the same thing. After a split second of confusion, Courtney recalled everything that had happened last night. Courtney was somewhat disappointed that she had not subconsciously wet her diaper in her sleep like she had thought she might, but realized her bladder was full and began to empty it out. She felt the liquid absorb into the back of her diaper, and the diaper began to droop a bit. After dozing back off for about an hour, she was awoken by her friend, who appeared to have a very wet diaper.

“Hey what’s that smell!” Courtney exclaimed.

“Oh sorry, I pooped when I woke up. I’ll call my mom to come change us since your pretty wet as well,” Monica replied pointing down at her friend’s diaper.

“Yeah, I’m wet. But I didn’t wet while I was sleeping like you,” she replied.

“Actually, I didn’t either. I was dry this morning, I usually am. I peed my diaper right when I woke up.”

“Why don’t you tell your mom? Don’t you want to get out of diapers soon? I mean you are almost 10,” Courtney questioned, although she thought she knew the answer.

“Are you kidding? I think you wish you could wear diapers to bed every night like me. I would never give this up. Now let me get my mom for a change.”

Monica brought Courtney up to her parent’s room to wake her mother up. Monica’s father had gone to the gym early to work out, so Mrs. Schick was all alone in bed. Groggily, she brought the girls to Monica’s room to change them. After the girls got changed into fresh Pampers, they headed back downstairs to continue playing. After two more diaper changes each, with Courtney getting changed back into panties after the second one, the girls were ready to end there play date. Courtney’s mother was supposed to come get her daughter at around 2:00, and when the doorbell rang at 2:04, Monica threw a pair of sweats over her diaper and helped Courtney bring her stuff upstairs. After a long, interesting 20 hours of fun, the girls were definately ready to split for a little while.

The Larson’s got home at about 2:20 and Mrs. Larson told her daughters that she needed to talk to them about something. She brought them to the living room and told them to sit down.

“I have some slightly bad news for you girls,” Mrs. Larson said sounding a bit concerned.

“What, mommy,” Alyssa responded. Both girls knew something was up, and they thought they knew probably what it was about.

“Well, your daddy wants to spend more time with you guys, because he loves you, and he is taking us to court to try to get custody of you. I know that we’ll probably win the case, but you girls will have to miss your soccer games on Saturday, and have to sit in court for a couple hours while the trial,” her mother replied.

“Aw, come on mom. I don’t wanna sit in court for that long again!,” Courtney replied angrily.

“I’m sorry honey, but you don’t want to have to move in with your father and switch schools, do you?” her mother responded.

“How long will this be mommy?” Alyssa asked. Alyssa, even more so than Courtney, had a hard time sitting still for a while, and she hated anything like this.

“This will actually probably be longer than all of the other ones. It might take as long as 4-5 hours until it’s over, with only one intermission.”

Both girls groaned. Ever since the girls’ parents divorced 5 years ago, there had always been a struggle over who got custody of the girls. Mrs. Larson was awarded full custody, but their father was frequently attempting to get at least some custody of the girls. Mr. Larson was a good guy, but Mrs. Larson really didn’t trust him to have custody of the girls. She didn’t mind if he wanted to take the girls to a movie on a free weekend, but she didn’t want him to legally have the girls. But since she hired a good lawyer, and had a lot of evidence for her, this looked to be the final time she would have to take the girls to court, and she hoped she would be able to retain custody.

Meanwhile, Brittany O’Brien sat on her bed with one of her brother’s Pampers Cruisers diapers in her hand. Ever since the night at Monica’s she was curious as to what a diaper really felt like, and since her parents were both at her brother’s baseball game, she figured this was her chance to try one. She laid her self down and put the diaper under her bottom. She then lifted the front up, and stretched the tabs to reach the strip with Bert on it. Although the diaper was a bit tight (she was bigger than both of her friends), it was able to fit. After having a couple of glasses of water, she gathered up her courage to actually use the diaper until…

“Brittany, we’re home,” yelled her mother as she headed up the stairs.

Brittany stripped out of the diaper and threw it in her walk-in closet. She then put her panties back on, and right before she could put her shorts on her mother entered.

“Britt, what are you doing?” Mrs. O’ Brien asked her daughter suspiciously.

“Um, I was trying on some clothes to wear to school tomorrow,” her daughter responded. Mrs. O’Brien found this very strange because she knew her daughter was not one real into fashion. Brittany would much rather go to school in her soccer sweatpants and a t-shirt, rather than trying to dress to look good, but Mrs. O’Brien decided not to get involved and left the room. A relieved Brittany then realized how stupid she was to try to wear a diaper and made a pledge with her self never to wear a diaper again.

“It felt very uncomfortable anyways,” she thought to herself, “I don’t get why Monica likes wearing them at night.”

Brittany threw her shorts back on and headed back downstairs with the unused diaper. She threw the diaper in Bryan’s diaper pail and continued to live her undiapered life.

Meanwhile, back at the Larsen household the phone rang and Courtney picked it up,

“Hello, this is Courtney. May I ask who’s calling?” she answered.

“Hi Courtney, it’s Monica’s mom, can I speak to your mother?”

Courtney called down to her mother who picked up.

“Hi Barbara, how are you doing?” Mrs. Larson answered. “It sounds like the girls had a fun time at your house last night. Thanks for having her.”

“Oh, the girls were fine,” Monica’s mother replied, thinking about what Mrs. Larson reaction would have been if she knew her daughter wore diapers the entire night, and that she changed her, “She’s welcome anytime, Monica had lots of fun. Anyways, I was calling about the soccer tournament they have over Columbus Day weekend. I was wondering if you could take Monica with you.”

“Sure that’s no problem, I’m taking Brittany as well, so another girl would be really no problem,” Mrs. Larson responded. Courtney had mentioned this to her and it was really no problem. Actually, the more girls she had to keep each other occupied, the easier the trip would be. Alyssa was taking Coryn with her, so the minivan would be filled with girls.

“Thanks, but there’s something I need to tell you about the trip.” Monica’s mom told Mrs. Larson about a couple of things about her daughter, and the mothers continued to talk for a while. When Mrs. Larson hung up the phone, she knew she was going to be in for an interesting Columbus day weekend.