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Courtney spent the entire next week dreading Sunday, when she’d have to sit in a court room for hours, hopefully for the last time. She was also nervous about the trial itself. Although she liked her father, and usually enjoyed it when he took her and Alyssa out to mini-golf or watch a movie on a Sunday afternoon, she didn’t want to have to leave her own house and mother, to live with him at all. Other than that, the week went fine. Courtney, as usual, got to listen to Brittany chatter on about her new iPod and the boy in her Spanish class every morning at the bus stop, but since she was so used to it she didn’t mind. She didn’t think Brittany knew anything about her interesting night at Monica’s, and it didn’t seem like Brittany was treating her any differently.

The soccer team was still undefeated, with Courtney having already scored 17 goals in the 6 games, and the bi-weekly practices also helped Courtney keep her mind off the end of the week. Mrs. Larson had already told their coach that Courtney would be missing the game on Sunday, and although he wasn’t happy, he figured he could use that as a chance to play some of his weaker players instead.

Monica, on the other hand had had a very interesting week so far, and was eager to tell Courtney before their practice on Thursday.

“Hey Court, guess what?” she asked.

“What, I already know that you’re coming with us on that Columbus Day Tournament. I can’t wait!” Courtney responded.

“No, not that. Well, I’ve gotta talk to you about that too, but, after you left on Monday, my mom saw what a good time we had wearing, well you know what. And now, she lets me wear them even when I don’t have a friend over. The last couple of afternoons, my mom’s changed me into one right when I got home and let me wear them whenever. Isn’t that great.”

Courtney, although she was starting to think Monica’s mother was a little strange, did feel happy for her friend. She could tell she liked wearing her diapers and if that made her happy, then it’s fine with her.

“Cool, I guess. Wait, you’re not wearing one right now are you?”

“No. I kinda thought about it, but I didn’t want anyone else to find out. Right now I can only wear them around my mom, but my dad and brother usually aren’t home so it works out. So, about the tournament, my mom says that especially since I’ve been wearing diapers a lot more, my bladder prolly got even weaker! So, she wants me to wear diapers on the trip.”

“Well, you prolly should. I don’t wanna be stopping every 5 minutes.”

“I know, but it’s kind of weird. I was wondering if you wanted to wear them with me, as a friend.”

“Well, I really don’t want to get caught. I don’t know what my mom would do if she knew I wanted to wear diapers again.”

“Oh, you won’t get caught. We’ll be in the back seat the whole time anyways. Also, unless you really want diapers, my mom was going to buy pull-ups because they would be easier to change and harder to see through our clothes.”

“But, what about Brittany? She’ll find out.”

“You can just say you’re doing it for me. Same if your mom finds out, you can just tell her that. Now let’s get onto the field.”

   Once Courtney and Alyssa’s games had finished up on Saturday, Mrs. Larson sat down to talk to both of the girls about what was going to happen tomorrow. She told them that all they had to do was sit quietly and her lawyer would do all of the work. They needed to look as polite as possible for her mother to help them win the case. After going through all of the other things the girls needn’t worry about, and telling them that although they didn’t want to go it would be doing their mother a huge favor, Mrs. Larson asked the girls something that neither of the girls expected.

   “Um, I know this may be a bit strange to you girls, but…” Mrs. Larson went into her purse on the coffee table and pulled out 3 Pampers Cruisers size 6 diapers. “The court session is going to be really long this time, maybe 5-6 hours, and you guys will only be getting probably just one intermission break.”

   “Mommy, your not gonna make us wear those are you?” Alyssa asked.

   “Um, yeah mom! I don’t wanna wear those.” Courtney added somewhat reluctantly, Mrs. Larson catching onto the delayed reaction.

   “Well, I kinda do want you girls to wear these just in case. You don’t want to sit there really having to go to the bathroom, and having to wait an hour before you can go. Then you can go whenever you need to, just in case of course.” Mrs. Larson responded.

   “Where did you get those, mommy? I haven’t worn diapers since I wet the bed when I was 4,” Alyssa questioned.

   Mrs. Larson hadn’t thought of how to answer that question, but came up with a decent answer, “Oh, I borrowed them from Mrs. O’ Brien. She didn’t mind, and thought it would be a good idea too. Plus, neither of you have very strong bladders. You both wet the bed until you were 4, and neither of you can usually hold it for longer than a couple hours anyway. Please, it would be convenient for all of you.”

   “But, um what if someone sees?” This really was something Courtney wondered about, although she was secretly excited about the opportunity.

   “No one will see honey; I’ll make sure of that. Look at how thin these are anyways,” her mother responded.

   At that moment, Alyssa began to throw a fit.

   “I’m not a baby, and I’m not wearing a diaper in public!!! PLEASE MOMMY!!! I don’t want to go to this stupid thing in the first place, and now this! IT’S NOT FAIR!,” the younger daughter shouted as she stormed to her room. At this point Courtney figured it would be a good point to not only tell her mother she would wear a diaper again, but to suck up in front of her mother, as she loved to do when Alyssa was misbehaving. Plus, her mother wouldn’t suspect anything about why she really wanted to wear one, right.

   “Mommy, I’ll wear one if you really want to.”