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The Curiosity of Girls


Part One (Chapters 1-22)
Part 2 (Chapters 23-)

This page is to give an in depth biography of each character. Hopefully it will help you keep up with the many characters, and help me stay consistent.

Courtney Larson, 10 Years Old
Birthday: 2/26/1998
Grade: 5th
Siblings: Alyssa, 7
Parents: Rebecca Larson and Mark Larson (Divorced)
Sports: Soccer/Basketball/Some Track
Courtney is your typical 10 year old girl growing up in New England. She is an exceptional athlete, excelling at both Basketball and especially Soccer, and loves all competitions. Her best friend throughout her life has been Brittany O'Brien, but lately she has gotten closer to Collette Cooke, Emily Grant, and Monica Schick. Courtney's mother let's her and her sister wear diapers pretty much whenever they want to, after finding out about their love for them on a soccer trip to New York. Her parents are divorced, and there are constant struggles between mother and father, while her mother is their sole guardian.
Monica Schick, 10 years old
Grade: 4th
Birthdate: 11/25/1998
Siblings: Erick, 17
Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse
Monica, is a 10 year old, who is in the middle of her 4th grade year. She is an incredible soccer player. who plays up on a team of all 5th and 6th graders, and also plays basketball. She has always wet the bed and therefore wears diapers at night. She thoroughly enjoys wearing diapers, and her mother lets her wear them a lot. Her brother is rarely home, and he and her father both know that she wears diapers to bed, but don't exactly know how much she uses them. Hannah Shaffer is her best friend, and they consistently had diaper sleepovers.
Brittany O'Brien:
Grade: 5th
Birthdate: 6/24/1997
Siblings: Michael, 15 and Bradley, 3
Sports: Basketball, Soccer
Brittany has been Courtney's best friend throughout their entire lives. The two live on the same block and have always been incredibly close to eachother. But their relationship has kind of gone down hill since Courtney started wearing diapers, because Brittany wants to grow up, no regress. Brittany is a good soccer player, but a remarkable basketball player, who wants to be in the WNBA when she grows up.

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An ABDL story written by soxfan08