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The Curiosity of Girls

Part One (Chapters 1-22)

Part One (Chapters 1-22)
Part 2 (Chapters 23-)


Chapter 1: Courtney wakes up after having at a strange dream at her best friend Brittany's sleepover party. She begins to wonder what it means, and why she had it.
Chapter 2: Courtney, thinking more about her dream, decides to steal some diapers from Brittany's 2 year old brothers room, and puts one on when she gets home.
Chapter 3: Courtney, somewhat accidentaly, realizes she's wearing a diaper at the dinner table, and panics that her family will see it. Meanwhile, Monica invites Brittany over for a sleepover.
Chapter 4: Brittany discovers that Monica is a bedwetter, and Monica reveals more of her secret to Brittany in the morning after their sleepover.
Chapter 5: Brittany and Monica drive together to the soccer game, where Brittany talks to Courtney and tells her about her night at Monica's
Chapter 6: Courtney talks to Monica after the game, and the girls agree to have a "diapered" sleepover party at Monica's.
Chapter 7: The girls' fun sleepover in diapers continues, with Courtney's first diaper change since she was 3. The girls begin to make plans to carpool for their Columbus Day Tournament in New York.
Chapter 8: The marathon sleepover ends, and Courtney goes home to find out that her father had requested custody of her and her sister, and they'd have to go to court. Meanwhile, Brittany tries a diaper for the first time and Monica and Courtney's mothers make plans for the tournament.
Chapter 9: Monica begins wearing diapers even more around the house, and tells Courtney her mom is making her wear pull-ups on their trip to New York. Also, Mrs. Larson suggests to her daughters that wearing a diaper for their court experience may be a good idea, in which Alyssa angrily rejects.
Chapter 10: Courtney agrees to wear a diaper to the courtroom "just in case", and a traumatic event occurs in the O'Brien household, forcing Brittany and her little brother to have to come over the Larsons.
Chapter 11: Courtney wakes up on the day of the court hearing and puts a diaper on for it. By the middle of the hearing, both sisters desperately need to go to the bathroom, but only one can.

Chapter 12: Monica takes advantage of a Saturday when her brother and father are away for soccer, by wearing diapers all day. Later, while still diapered, she has a conversation with Hannah online.
Chapter 13: The hearing that the Larson's were at came to a close, and Courtney has to admit to wetting in her diaper mid-way through. Meanwhile Brittany visits her brother in the hospital.
Chapter 14: Courtney and Monica plan another playdate, and Courtney heads over to Monica's after the game. While there, they realize that Monica is short on diapers, and the girls, both diapered, head to CVS to buy some more.
Chapter 15: The Larson minivan heads out onto the road with five girls in the backseat, Courtney, Alyssa, Brittany, Monica, and Alyssa's friend Coryn. Both Courtney and Monica wear pull-ups on the way up, and when they both wet them they are suprised at how much Mrs. Larson knows. (This chapter has a couple of paragraphs missing which I can't find. They don't make much difference in the story, so ignore it when it seems to skip right from the house to the rest stop)
Chapter 16: Mrs. Larson reveals to Courtney that she had suspicions about her desire to wear diapers, and Courtney and Monica both agree to wear diapers for the rest of the trip. The other three girls are told about the situation, and give different reactions.
Chapter 17: Coryn has an embarassing accident in the car, one that suprised everyone but Alyssa and Mrs. Larson. They stop at a rest stop to clean her up, and change both Courtney and Monica, before reaching the hotel.
Chapter 18: Courtney, Monica, and Brittany see that two of their friends from the soccer team are staying at the same hotel as them. Brittany decides to spend some time with them, as Courtney and Monica head back to their room to get changed and ready for bed. There, the two older girls eventually pressure both of the younger girls into diapers.
Chapter 19: Brittany starts to warm up, a little bit, to her friends wearing diapers, and tells them something interesting she had seen the night before. They then head off to their soccer game, and Mrs. Larson heads to Walmart to buy supplies. During the game, Monica has trouble adjusting to wearing just panties.
Chapter 20: The girls go swimming with Collette and Emily, and to their suprise, Mrs. Larson makes Courtney and Monica wear a swim diaper to the pool. After they go swimming, they decide to all go out for a pasta dinner, in which Mrs. Larson reveals her daughter's secret's to Collette's mother.
Chapter 21: Collette tells Courtney and Monica that she knows about their diapers at breakfast. Later, the girls notice that Brittany had been on to something earlier, as they discover a secret about Emily in the hotel room. After their soccer game, the girls go to the mall, and more than two girls wear diapers.

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An ABDL story written by soxfan08