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The Curiosity of Girls

Part 2 (Chapters 23-)

Part One (Chapters 1-22)
Part 2 (Chapters 23-)


Chapter 23: The story skips three weeks ahead, and observes a typical Saturday morning in the Larson househould since that infamous Columbus day weekend. Meanwhile, we also look into the diapered life of Monica at the same time, who is hanging out with Hannah.
Chapter 24: The girls have their first basketball games of the season, and Alyssa, who's not old enough for travel, wears a diaper to the game while watching. Hannah, who's also only watching, explains to the Larson sisters about the party they were planning. After the game, Monica heads over to the Larson's house.
Chapter 25: Monica, Courtney, and Alyssa, still at the Larson's house, start making invitations for the party at Monica's.
Chapter 26: Monica wakes up extremely excited and anxious on the day of her party. When everyone arrives, at first only Monica, Courtney, Hannah, and Alyssa are in diapers, but will that change???
Chapter 27: Eventually Courtney convinces all of the girls to try wearing diapers, and the sleepover continues, with some of the girls liking their diapers, and others not. Later, Hannah finally decides to reveal her secret.

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Chapters are posted now on, and will be here soon. There are 5 chapters so far.

An ABDL story written by soxfan08